Saturday August 27, 2016


Tech Firm Brags About Blocking FBI

Hillary’s server tech company brags about being able to keep Clinton emails from the FBI Click Here for Story and Video

Survey: Most Michigan Schools Outsource Noninstructional Services

   In recent years, public school districts in Michigan have increasingly contracted out at least one of three noninstructional services covered by the report — food, custodial, or transportation.  … more

The Ultimate in Liberal Stupidity

CNN commentator doubles down on Sharia Law being “progressive’? Click Here for Story

Who Is the Real Racist?

KKK Endorses Hillary

Grand Dragon of KKK supports Clinton for President

Don’t Forget This Hillary

Hillary’s mentor Senator Robert Byrd was a KKK member

Keeping Hillary’s Secrets

State Dept won’t release her schedules as Secretary until after election Click Here for Details

Say it Ain’t So Bill?

Huma Abedin’s magazine says Bill Clinton bombed Iraq to divert attention from the Monica Lewinsky scandal?  Click Here for Details

Why Does Russia Want Soros Arrested?

He plotted the overthrow of Russia? Click Here for Story

Wiki Not Done with Hillary

Assange says more dirt on Hillary is coming Click Here for Details and Video

More threats from Iran

  Obama playing nice and paying money isn’t helping relations with Iran Click Here for Story

Poor and Unemployed? Get Used to It

Syrian-Refugees-Wait-Greece-AP-640x480 (1)Clinton will bring in another 1 million refugees to compete for your jobs in her first term Click Here for Details

Can TPP be Stopped?

Obama’c chances of signing TPP are getting smaller Click Here for Details and Video

Crony Politicians

Heather Bresch  Makers of the Epi Pen not only screw over the people who buy it but screw over the US taxpayer Click Here for Story


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Friday August 26, 2016


Hypocrite Hillary

Image result for hillary and robert byrd in hood  Clinton calls Trump a racist even though her self admitted mentor Robert Byrd was a KKK member Click Here for Details

Well How About That!

U of M study confirms biofuels are worse on the environment Click Here for Details

Survey: Most Michigan Schools Outsource Noninstructional Services

   In recent years, public school districts in Michigan have increasingly contracted out at least one of three noninstructional services covered by the report — food, custodial, or transportation.  … more

Are Wheels Falling Off Clinton Campaign?

Even liberal media is giving the campaign grief Click Here for Story and Video

How a Government Transparency Request Can Take Months

 The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality took a full four months after we sent our first request to get us the information we requested under the Freedom of Information Act. … more

US Navy Fires at Iranian Boats

  Tensions rising in Arabian Gulf Click Here for Details

The Communists Candidate?  Hillary of Course

 Why have your own candidate when the Democrats meet all your needs Click Here for Details

Losing the Hearts and Minds?

Resistance group behind ISIS lines uses graffiti as a weapon Click Here for Story and Video

FBI Failed on Hillary’s “Intent” Questioning

Despite Director Comey saying there was no intent there was no questioning of Hillary about it Click Here for Story       and Here  for Video

Still No Press Conference

Clinton campaign doesn’t want open questioning ? Click Here for Story

Hillary Flipping Out

Calling millions of Americans racists and conspiracists Click Here for Details

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Thursday August 25, 2016

American University Attacked in Kabul

Armed gunman attack campus story still developing Click Here for Details

Activist Michigan Judge Ignores the Michigan Constitution

Dismisses lawsuit against Washtenaw County’s unconstitutional tax Click Here for Details

Study ‘Segregates’ School District Borders By Ignoring Key Data

   A national study claimed Detroit and Grosse Pointe schools are the most segregated in the country, but ignored millions of dollars Detroit Public Schools receives. … more

A Weak President Causes…

Burke Class guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG-94) on June 24, 2016. US Navy PhotoIran harasses US warship Click Here for Story and Video

Who is the CEO Behind Epi Pen Price Increase?

Image result for Heather Bresch and joe manchin  Democrat Senator Manchin’s daughter runs company that is price gouging this life saving drug Click Here for Story

Hillary Still Hiding

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets supporters after attending a fundraiser on August 23, 2016 in Piedmont, California.  263 days and counting with no press conference Click Here for Details

Petty Restrictions on Tobacco Endanger Respect for Law

  Herbert Hoover said, “The worst evil of disregard for some law is that it destroys respect for all law.” … more

Closet Trumpers

More voters supporting Trump…but quietly Click Here for Story and Video

Jihadists in Our Hemisphere

ayatollah_khamenei_Iran expanding terror networks south of the border Click Here for Details

More Questioning for Hillary

Under oath testimony about origins of private server Click Here for Story and Video

Watching or Interfering?

  Foreign poll observation in the US to increase 10 fold Click Here for Details


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Wednesday August 24, 2016

Coordinated Conflict of Interest

Image result for hillary and huma   Latest Clinton emails show Clinton Foundation and Secretary of State Office were coordinating Click Here for Story

US -23 Construction Project

Lee Rd bridge is just the start of US-23 renovations Click Here for Details

The Most Important State Election This November: Michigan’s Next House Leader

  In early August, primary voters in Michigan’s 110 state House districts decided which Republicans and Democrats would face off against each other for state representative races in November. … more

True Racism or Gang Violence?

Image source: WOIO-TV 5 African Americans AND 2 Whites beat white victims while chanting Black Lives Matter Click Here for Details

Key Part of Civil Asset Forfeiture Law Ruled Unconstitutional

  It is a basic principle of American law that the government may not deprive citizens of their property without due process. … more

The Cover Up Increases

The FBI found that a week before Vince Foster's suicide, Hillary held a meeting at the White House with Foster and other top aides during which she berated the lawyer Vince Foster files disappear from FBI? Click Here for Story

Follow the Money?

Soros_KochKoch Bros and Soros colluding to empty Federal prisons? Click Here for Story

Hiding Behind Her Womanhood?

 CNN Analyst says its sexist to question Hillary about her health? Click Here for Details

ISIS Attack in Virginia?

PHOTO: Wasil Rafat Farooqui is pictured in an undated booking photo.FBI investigating possible ISIS inspired attack on couple Click Here for Story


Failing Obamacare leaving no options for coverage Click Here for Details

State Dept Is OK with Pay for Play?

Says nothing wrong with Clinton Foundation donors getting special privilege from State Dept? Click Here for Story and Video

Closet Trump Supporters?

The Bradley effect may be affecting polls for 2016 Presidential race Click Here for Details

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Tuesday August 23, 2016

Obama’s Legacy?

Giving control of the internet to our enemies Click Here for Story

Ohhh Sorry Hillary

(AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque, Pool, File)  FBI recovers another 15,000 undisclosed emails from Clinton server Click Here for Details

Dems Replace Gilbert

Democrats finally get a new viable candidate for 8th District Click Here for Details

Michigan Plans to Close Some Top Public Schools

  Some quality Michigan public schools may be shut down by the state in 2017 due to their standing in a ranking that uses standardized test scores.  … more

Michigan’s Underfunded Pensions: A Tale of Two Counties

  The state’s largest 100 municipalities owe more than $4.2 billion in unfunded pension benefits to their employees, and Michigan’s 83 counties add another $2.5 billion to the total.  … more

Powell Fires Back

Says Clinton was using a private server before he talked to her Click Here for Details

No Rallies for Clinton

What’s wrong with Hillary? Click Here for Story

The Consequences of Obama Paying Ransom

Hassan Rouhani  State Dept warns travelers Iran is looking for more Iranian hostages Click Here for Details

Soros Controlling Elections

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 17: Soros Fund Management Chairman George Soros attends a meeting with finance and development ministers, international partners and the presidents of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea about the ongoing efforts to recover from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa during the World Bank- International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings April 17, 2015 in Washington, DC. The World Bank announced Friday that it would provide an additional US$650 million over the next year to help Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to recover from the social, economic and health impact of the Ebola crisis. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)Leaked documents show George Soros trying to heavily change US elections and districts Click Here for Story

Attempt on Assange?

Assange in the embassy Intruder at Ecuadorian Embassy in London is foiled Click Here for Story

Putting Truckers Out of Business

   Dems EPA will put an additional $15,000 cost on on Truckers Click Here for Details

Total Conflict of Interest

Huma-Abedin-NH-2015-Getty Huma set up meetings between Foundation donors and Secretary of State Click Here for Story

Who Was Protecting Choudary?

Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary © Tal Cohen   Was MI5 protecting radical Muslim cleric in England? Click Here for Details

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Monday August 22, 2016

More of the Same

Clinton Economic plan will help her donors not the average American Click Here for Details

Detroit Pride

Stroh’s Beer returns to Detroit! Click Here for Story and Video

Average Michigan Teacher Pay Nation’s Highest When Adjusted for Cost of Living

  A recent study by an Oklahoma think tank found that teachers’ salaries in Michigan are the highest in the nation when adjusted for the lower cost of living here. … more

Iraqi Justice

Iraq execute 36 ISIS murderers Click Here for Details

Trumps New Groove

RNC Chair says Trump is getting the hang of it Click Here for Story

More Soros Leaks

Soros controlled Ukraine in 2014? Click Here for Details

ISIS Attacks Wedding

Child suicide bomber kills 50+ in Turkey Click Here for Story

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Sunday August 21, 2016

Election Day Could End Obamacare?

Image result for obamacare  As the Obamacare system fails more each month the decision on election day could be its end Click Here for Story

Thunder Over Michigan

Image result for air shows Annual Ypsilanti air show was spectacular Click Here for Story

Trump Will Focus on Inner Cities

The nations urban zones need help Click Here for Details

Central America at the Gates

Image result for refugees at texas border Huge numbers of illegals from Central America entering the US illegally Click Here for Story

Clinton Foundation Problems

Image result for clinton foundation  Conflict of interest, foreign donations, meeting before election, Dems are worried Click Here for Story

Trump Helping Louisiana

Under the radar Trump sent supplies to folks in need Click Here for Story

How Democrats Have Abused African American Vote

50 years of llies and broken promises Click Here for Story and Video


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The Drift Radio Show August 20, 2016

The Drift Radio Show August 20, 2016

Join host Gary Wellings as he discusses refugees, immigration and Obama’s Iranian ransom payment with Michigan’s 7th District Congressman Tim Walberg and news of the week with callers Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday August 20, 2016

Join Gary Wellings on The Drift Radio Show Saturday at 2pm on WAAM Talk 1600 or live on the web at Call in line 734-822-1600

Hillary Wants Someone to Blame

Says Colin Powell told her to use private server, Powell says he had no recollection Click Here for Story and Video

New Charter School in Whitmore Lake

Joint venture between Whitmore Lake Public school and Livingston Classical Academy Click Here for Story

  The City of Detroit’s response to fixing its out-of-date payroll system? The check is in the mail. … more

Trump Tours Louisiana…

Goes to flood stricken state Click Here for Details

While Obama and Hillary hang out on Martha’s Vineyard  Click Here for Details

The Wide Influence of Soros

George Soros tried to influence SCOTUS case on illegals Click Here for Story

Could Election be Hacked?

Yes hackers could affect the election Click Here for Details and Video


  Sailor gets year in prison for having photos of nuke sub on phone, how about Hillary? Click Here for Story

Clinton Dodges Deposition

Won’t have to testify to watchdog group Click Here for Details and Video


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Friday August 19, 2016

American Liars?

Now US Olympians caught lying Click Here for Details

How About Some Perjury?

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, joined Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the Oversight Committee, in a push to outline the case against Clinton earlier this week. (AP Photo/Jim Cole) Can Clinton be nailed for perjury if nothing else? Click Here for Details and Video

Fleecing the Tea Party

How political operatives screwed a movement Click Here for Story link by PghExpat

Courts Say Voters Not Smart Enough to Pick Candidates

Won’t allow ban on straight ticker voting Click Here for Details

Taxes Up $4.3 Million, State Money Down $200K: So Who ‘Compromised’ Services?

    Revenue sharing payments from the state of Michigan to the city of Jackson were $219,300 lower in 2015 than in 2010. But Jackson’s overall annual tax revenues grew by $4.3 million over the same period, including $2.3 million more from its city income tax. … more

Clinton a “No Excuse Kind of Person?”

Not a chance, watch this video Click Here for Story

Watchdog Group Dings the EPA

Office of Inspector General says the EPA is not properly analyzing or recording the effects of ethanol industry Click Here for Details

White House Partner and Soros in Cahoots?

Trying to “sell” the Iran deal to America Click Here for Story

Those Polls

What would they have us believe? Click Here for Details

Russia Ukrainian War?

Fears are growing that Russia is planning new excursions into neighbouring Ukraine Russia allegedly moves 40,000 troops to border Click Here for Story

Guess Whose Coming to Border?

Middle-Eastern-Refugees-AP-640x480 Jihadists getting into South America and heading north Click Here for Details

Expensive Obamacare

Premiums keep going up Click Here for Story and Video


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