Wednesday September 28, 2016

Hillary on Meds for Debate?

Was performance chemically engineered? Click Here for Story

Flint Pipe Replacement Holding Up US Budget?

GOP wants separate bill for Flint but Dems Hold up entire US budget Click Here for Story

Markets, Not Politicians, Slow State Oil and Gas Production

  When oil companies are making “obscene profits,” elected officials on both sides of the aisle trip over themselves to impose a “windfall profits” tax.  … more

Moore Crying the Blues

Image result for michael moore cryingHollywood’s Michael Moore throwing in the towel on Hillary? Click Here for Story

Sierra Club: No Gas, No Coal, No Nukes; Lansing Utility: No Lights, Then

  The Sierra Club has adopted a position that would effectively require all electricity in Michigan to come from renewable sources such as wind and solar.  … more

The Hill Poll

Along with most others Trump wins polls despite a lack luster performance? Click Here for Story

Debates Rigged Again

Lester Holt and CNN show extreme bias in questions for 1st debate Click Here for Details and Here for More Info

Will Clinton Aides Immunity Deals Surface at Next Debate

CNN ignored most Hillary scandals Click Here for Story

Obama Encouraging Terrorism

Image result for obama terrorism  Calling Islam the Religion of Peace only encourages more attacks Click Here for Details and Video

Debate Only Helped Trump

Hillary performance did nothing for her Click Here for Story

Thanks Obama

© Carlo AllegriMajority of Americans say they feel less safe from terrorism under Obama Click Here for Details

Soros Undermining Israel

Wealthy international manipulator is against Israel Click Here for Story

Missing Afghans

In training here in the US and now missing Click Here for Details

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Tuesday September 27, 2016

First Debate Looks Like Winner for Trump

Pasted image at 2016_09_26 09_41 PMLester Holt helps Clinton out to no avail at Debate #1 Click Here for Story

State Dept Looks to Speed Email Info Release

Most of the 5,600 work-related emails recovered by the FBI would stay secret beyond Election Day under the current arrangement. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall) Can they get info to public before the election Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Quiet Success in Containing Retiree Health Care Costs

  Michigan may be showing governments across the country the way to resolve the fiscal challenge. … more

Violence Increasing

Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images   New FBI report shows spike in murder and violent crime Click Here for Details

Detroit Metro’s Economy No. 14 In U.S., Bigger Than Nation Of Chile

    The Detroit metro area has an economy that is roughly the same size as the nation of Chile. … more

…To Spite His Face?

 Glenn Beck retracts on Ted Cruz after he endorses Trump Click Here for Details

What Is She Hiding

hillary-stairs Clinton wearing winter coats why? Click Here for Story

Don’t Broad Stoke Our Police

   Policemen should not all be accused of racism Click Here for Details

It WAS Terror

AP PhotoCascade Mall shooter was Islamic terror supporter Click Here for Story


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Monday September 26, 2016

Clinton Camp Setting Up for Failure?

Crying foul before debates even start Click Here for Story and Video

Washington Shooter Is a Muslim

 Media downplaying fact that shooter is Muslim Turkish immigrant not a Hispanic Click Here for Details

Some U of M Players Join Ranks of Anti-Americans

Protests against national anthem spread to college football players Click Here for Details

Police Release Video of Charlotte Shooting

More info not yet released Click Here for Story

Polls Even for Trump Clinton?

Prior to debate polls put Clinton and Trump at dead heat Click Here for Details

Corruption at FBI?

FBI Director James Comey.  FBI had no intention of prosecuting Hillary according to new info? Click Here for Story

Could Clinton Victims Fill Debate  Audience

Michael Smith/Newsmakers  Kathleen Willey says they’re were that many Click Here for Details

More Problems in Sweden

A firefighter attempts to extinguish a fire which had damaged cars after the vehicles had been set alight, in Malmo, Sweden, August 15, 2016. © Johan Nilsson No Go Zones rise to 55 Click Here for Story

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Sunday September 25, 2016

Yes Voter Fraud is Alive and Well Sort of…

Dead people are voting in Colorado Click Here for Story and Video

President Pseudonym

Obama used alias in exchanging emails with Hillary Clinton Click Here for Story

Hamburg Post Office to Move

But not very far Click Here for Story

Michigan House Passes Bills Rolling Back Arbitrary ‘Handyman’ Licensing

  If you want to earn some cash in Michigan painting a barn, be prepared to take 60 hours of educational courses and pass a state-mandated test. … more

Sorry Hillary…Not

Gennifer Flowers will attend 1st Presidential debate Click Here for Details

Gunman Still on the Loose

KIRO TWITTER / Courtesy CBS NEWS Some say gunman was Hispanic but very little info available still Click Here for Story

Clinton Campaign Trying to Get Edge in Debate

Want the moderators to help Hillary? Click Here for Details

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Saturday September 24, 2016


5 Dead in Washington Mall Shooting Click Here for Details

Get on The Train

Cruz endorses Donald Trump Click Here for Story

5 Clinton Aides Received Immunity Deals

Mills is the third witness who reportedly enjoyed the protection of immunity during the criminal probe. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)  Immunity from what crimes? Click Here for Story

U of M Hosts Penn State

All you need to know for Saturday’s game Click Here for Details

   Hillary Clinton wondered why she’s not leading more in the polls. Attacking a popular law won’t get her there. … more

Trump Can Make Mexico Pay for the Wall

Mexico’s ex Foreign Minister says there are option for Trump to make Mexico pay Click Here for Story and Video

Think You Can Take Johnson Seriously?

Libertarian Presidential candidate leaves more people shaking their heads Click Here for Details

Will You See Hillary’s Recovered Emails?

Fate remains up to the courts Click Here for Story

Why Does a Tiny Georgia Town Get More Refugees than a Big City?

Thousands of Syrians were braving cold and rain at the Turkish border Saturday after fleeing a Russian-backed regime offensive on Aleppo that threatens a fresh humanitarian disaster in the countryStone Mountain GA gets more than New York and LA combined Click Here for Story and Video

No Coughing Breaks for Hillary

Rules are brutal for Monday nights debate Click Here for Story

Hiding the Cost of Immigration

Immigration  Prestigious study guilty of hiding immigration costs? Click Here for Details

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Friday September 23, 2016

Contempt for Pagliano

Hillary’s IT aide held in Contempt of Congress Click Here for Story and video

Protesters Wrong on NC Shooting

 Dash cam video shows Keith Scott coming after police with a gun Click Here for Details

A Win for Transparency in Michigan

Michigan House passes bill to prevent public bodies from suing FOIA requestors Click Here for Details

EPA Opposes U.P. Road, But Senator Suggests New Mine Its Real Target

   A Michigan state senator from the Upper Peninsula says the federal Environmental Protection Agency has done everything in its power to indirectly shut down a mine near Marquette. … more

Flashy Projects Generate Taxpayer Losses

   The state economy relies upon decentralized decision-making to create jobs instead of political deals. The deals are not the fountain of all economic activity, as portrayed by policymakers. … more

Thugs and Criminals not Protesters



Congressional Black Caucus is self-segregating? Click Here for Details

Rioters Try to Kill Reporter

Attempted to throw into fire Click Here for Story and Video

Germans Fearing Islamization

Angela Merkel  Over half of Germans now think their country could turn Islamic Click Here for Story

Terrorists Are Posing as Refugees?

State Department now admits it?  Click Here for Details and Video

Sweden Losing Control

Sweden   “No Go Zones” run by Islamic immigrants are increasing Click Here for Details

The Cost of Immigration

Taxpayers will pay and pay for first generation immigrants Click Here for Story

What Giving Up Internet Control Means

ICANN TIM HALESASSOCIATED PRESSIn 10 years you won’t recognize it Click Here for Story

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Thursday September 22, 2016

More Violence in Charlotte

Rioters use protests over police shooting criminals as excuse to vandalize and use violence Click Here for Story and Video

Scammer in Chief

President Obama's directive will "prioritize climate threats" to identify the most significant risks to security. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) Obama orders that climate change  considered in military planning Click Here for Details

Drug Panel Open to Public

Public welcomed to panel on opioids in Pinckney area Click Here for Details

Immigration Hurts YOU

Latino and African-American workers campaign for a $15 minimum wage.New study estimates $500 billion is shifted from existing immigrants and American workers to new immigrants Click Here for Story

Before Flint’s Lead Crisis, City Council Raided Money from ‘Water Fund’

  A few years before Flint’s lead crisis, city officials were taking money from a dedicated municipal water fund to pay for other uses.  … more

Fox Looks to Muzzle Hannity

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images Network not happy with Hannity support for Trump Click Here for Details

Budget Gimmicks, Debt and Deficit Smokescreens Preceded Flint Lead Crisis

    Flint officials submitted their 2008 plan to the state and said they’d be out of debt by 2014. But two years later, they pushed that date to 2030. … more

Clinton Bashing Police in Charlotte

Without knowing facts Hillary blames police for shooting a criminal with a gun Click Here for Story

Why We Don’t Want Certain Immigrants

Somali’s in Minnesota are not assimilating they want Sharia Law Click Here for Details and Video

Housing Crisis Coming?

More homeowners having trouble Click Here for Story

Texas Taking Steps to Stop More Refugees

State will stop helping the Feds as they force more refugees on Texas Click Here for Details

Strong Trump Gets Thumbs Up from Egypt

Hillary did not impress as both candidates meet with Egypt’s President Click Here for Story

Feds Hiding Terror Connections?

rahami journal 921D Fed complaint against bomber has some issues Click Here for Details and Video

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Wednesday September 21, 2016

Out of Touch at the UN?

Obama demonstrates hypocrisy and lack of understanding at UN? Click Here for Details

What You Owe for Pensions

   Nearly all of Michigan’s state and local governments have unfunded liabilities when it comes to pensions. … more

Clinton Cash Movie Premiere  Click Here to see the Movie at

Waffle Recall

Kellogg’s issues recall for Nutri-Grain waffles Click Here for Details

Laughing Stock

Audience Immediately Laughs When Democrat Uses This Word to Describe Clinton  Charlie Crist brings audience laughs when he says Hillary is honest? Click Here for Story and Video

Hispanics Moving Toward Trump

Depsite what the media says polls showing Trump gaining ground with Hispanics Click Here for Details and Video

Armed Forces Don’t Trust Obama?

From left: Army Gen. Mark Milley, Navy Adm. John Richardson, Marine Corps Gen. Robert Neller and Air Force Gen. David Goldfein acknowledged to the Senate Arms Services Committee that they had not discussed the readiness crisis with their commander in chief. Donald Trump said generals under President Obama have been "reduced to rubble." (Associated Press) And vice versa according to some high ranking military officers Click Here for Story

Terrorists Slipping Through Immigration

9: Law enforcement officials gather at the site where Ahmad Khan Rahami, who was wanted in connection to Saturday night's bombing in Manhattan, was arrested after a shootout with police, September 19, 2016 in Linden, New Jersey. On Monday morning, law enforcement released a photograph of 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, who they are seeking in connection to the attack. (Photo byThink the border is bad, just try the Fed’s legal process Click Here for Details

Back to the Moon

NINTCHDBPICT000268215063But its Russia getting ready not the US Click Here for Story and Video

UN Ostriches

 Call those leaders questioning the wisdom of rapid refugee intake racists Click Here for Story

FBI Dropped Ball on New York Bomber?

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 12.15.29 PM  Bomber’s father reported in him in 2014 Click Here for Details

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Tuesday September 20, 2016

Bomber Under Arrest

NYC, N.J. Bombing Suspect Arrested New York and New Jersey bomber apprehended Click Here for Details and Video

Missile Defense for Battle Creek

Michigan’s elected officials lobbying for missiles to be house at Ft Custer Click Here for Details

Should Michigan Cities Be Allowed to Ban Pit Bulls?

   The Legislature is considering a bill that would prohibit local governments from banning people from owning pit bulls. … more

Blame Someone…Anyone?

President Barack Obama speaks to media after a meeting with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Pentagon August 4, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Obama blames conservative media for Hillary’s lack of popularity Click Here for Details

Never Hillary’s Fault

Clinton: Trump inspiring terrorism  Clinton wants to blame Trump for bomber attacks instead of her and Barack’s policies Click Here for Details and video

Minnesota Terrorist a Somali Muslim

Radical Islam and a lack of assimilation? Click Here for Story

More Federal Mistakes

 DHS mistakenly grants 800 immigrants citizenship? Click Here for Details

Almost 100,000 Somalis Admitted to US

Just since 9/11 Click Here for Story

Admission of Guilt?

Bill Clinton says some donors did make donations for favors Click Here for Details

Special Treatment

Clinton fundraiser facing no punishment Click Here for Story

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