Friday June 22, 2018

Another GOP Failure?

Paul Ryan House immigration bills 062118Once again Speaker Ryan can’t pull a plan together?  Click Here for Story

Dems Get 99.9 Percent of 2018 Teacher Union Political Cash 

 Michigan’s second-largest teachers union has released its candidate endorsements for the August primary elections. … more

AZ Senate Poll

Shift in lead in the running for Arizona Senate seat Click Here for Story

Government Re-Org

White House releases big plans for government reorganization Click Here for Details

SCOTUS Oks Internet Tax?

Is the free ride over? Click Here for Story

NSA Move

 Data going to to top secret cloud? Click Here for Details

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Thursday June 21, 2018

POTUS Orders Families Not to Be Separated

Border crossers won’t be separated while processing occurs Click Here for Details

Students Here Far From ‘All Above Average’ – But Teachers Rated That Way

 According to the public school administrators who are responsible for evaluating individual teacher competence, Michigan’s teachers are of high quality, with hardly any exceptions. … more

Detroit is Becoming Friendlier to Entrepreneurs

In 2013, just prior to filing for bankruptcy, the city of Detroit closed 900 businesses and had a goal of shutting down 20 per week through its “Operation Compliance” program. … more

Disgusting Hollywood

Secret Service notified over actor Peter Fonda’s comments Click Here for Details

Think Trump is Bad? See What Obama Did

Obama admin treated children far worse Click Here for Story

Canadian Legalizing Pot

October means legal marijuana in Canada Click Here for Details

Jack Stupid

Jack DorseyTwitter CEO shared Russian Troll tweets? Click Here for Story

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Wednesday June 20, 2018

Who Knew Traitor Was a Family Trait?

Image result for meghan mccain Meghan McCain like her father attacks common sense and American values by attacking Melania Trump Click Here for Story

Detroit’s Tax-Related Debt To Wayne County Down $70 Million Since 2010

 The city of Detroit owed Wayne County $20 million in 2017 for obligations related to delinquent property taxes and tax-foreclosed properties. The good news is, that’s down from $90 million in 2010. … more

Why The 2nd Amendment Works

Armed citizen (and Pastor) stops shooter Click Here for Story and Video

Neither Inmates Nor Counties Get Out of Jail Free

 Fans of the board game Monopoly know that, if you land in jail, it’ll cost you $50 to get out. But it may surprise you to learn that real inmates in Michigan jails may also owe that much – and a lot more.  … more

Dishonest Media

MSM is not telling the truth on “Family Separation” at the border Click Here for Story and Video

Weak Knee Republicans

GOP senators drafting legislation to keep immigrant families togetherGOP falling for media and Democrat propaganda Click Here for Details

Gowdy Hits Hard

Congressman roasts IG report and FBI DOJ bias Click Here for Story and Video

The Truth is Hard

  DHS Secretary lays out the truth for Press and they don’t like it Click Here for Story and Video

The Right Direction

 Poll says satisfaction with direction of US highest since 2005 Click Here for Details

Go Figure

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 13: (L-R) U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY), Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) and Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) march to the headquarters of U.S. Customs and Border Protection during a protest June 13, 2018 in Washington, …13 Border Facts The Media won’t tell you Click Here for Story

About Time

US exits UN human rights panel over UN Hypocrisy Click Here for Details

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Tuesday June 19, 2018

Get It Done

Congress has deadline to approve Trump cuts Click Here for Details

Ring of Fire?

6.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Japan; hundreds injured Another major earthquake in Japan Click Here for Story

Don’t Believe It

DHS says children are being taken care of Click Here for Details

Bill Schuette Talks State Government

 Michigan Capitol Confidential sat down and talked about the state government with gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette. … more

Is One Subsidy Really Any Better?

 In energy policy, you’re often asked to choose between a few bad options. If you address one problem, you can end up promoting something that’s at least as bad.  … more

Not on My Watch

POTUS pledges to not let the US become like Germany Click Here for Story

Pathetic Former FLOTUS

Image result for laura bush Laura Bush shows her hypocrisy in a never Trump rant over illegal children issue that her husband could have solved Click Here for Story


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Monday June 18, 2018

Biggest Threat to 2016 Election?

….The FBI Click Here for Story

 Jack Smith, a professor of educational psychology at Michigan State University, recently claimed that inadequate school funding is one reason for poor academic performance by public schools in this state.… more

DOJ Stonewalling

GOP prepared to use ‘full arsenal of constitutional weapons’ against DOJ — including impeachment GOP committees ready to go after Dept of Justice? Click Here for Story

Strzok Ready to Testify?

Anti-Trump FBI agent set to testify before Congress Click Here for Details

Daddy Bill

Alleged son of Bill Clinton wants paternity test Click Here for Story

Fatherless Day

Father And Son At The Park (Photo: Jon Akhtar/Flickr)24 million children without fathers in US? Click Here for Details

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Sunday June 18, 2018

Bwahaha Terrible Basketball

Ted Cruz and Jimmy KimmelSenator Cruz beats Jimmy Kimmel at basketball tourney Click Here for Story

Earmarks For Key Legislators Recall Late ’90s Spending Blowouts

For the past two years, the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre has been a nonprofit recipient of Michigan taxpayer subsidies, courtesy of the state Legislature.  … more

FBI Failure

FBI did not seize devices of Clinton’s inner circle. IG report reveals the stunning reason why.The reason FBI didn’t seize Clinton State department phones and equipment Click Here for Story

Conspiracy Sunday

Are celebrity suicides actually murders? Click Here for Story

Immigration Tuesday

POTUS will meet with GOP on Tuesday for immigration planning Click Here for Story

Goodbye Merkel?

David Cameron (L) greets German Chancellor Angela Merkel outside 10 Downing Street in London, on February 27, 2014Could we see then end of the Merkel era in Germany? Click Here for Details

Don’t Let the Media and Democrats Fool You

unaccompanied minorsIllegal child border crossers live better than millions of US child citizens Click Here for Story

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Saturday June 16, 2018

Biased Prosecution?

FBI and DOJ investigations tainted? Click Here for Details

Business Subsidy Programs Grow State’s Bureaucracy, Not Its Economy

 State programs to give particular companies taxpayer-funded business subsidies are often described by politicians in terms that make them sound like a deal-closer fund.  … more

Losing Germany

German government teetering on collapse over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policies Merkel policies have driven Germany to the edge of disaster Click Here for Story

Manafort to Jail?

Judge looks at jailing Manafort over latest charges Click Here for Details

Clearly Out of Line

FBI agents interviewing Hillary called her President Click Here for Story

Bad Amnesty Deal

Trump, Ryan, ScaliseScalise joins President to oppose Paul Ryan’s deal? Click Here for Details


FBI investigators were definitely Against Donald Trump Click Here for Story


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The Drift Radio Show June 16, 2018

The Drift Radio Show June 16, 2018

Join hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they discuss the results of the North Korea US summit, the release of the IG report on FBI investigation and other news of the week Click Here for Podcast

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Friday June 15, 2018

The IG Report Unleashed

What’s in it? Get the full report Click Here for Details

Sessions’ Take on DOJ

Jeff Sessions on DOJ and Trump 061418We are in sync with POTUS Click Here for Details

Flint Water Whistleblower, Mackinac Center Sue Wayne State Over Records Denials

 A water treatment expert who was one of the first individuals to call attention to the issue of elevated lead levels in Flint’s water system is suing Wayne State University for not producing requested documents about one of the university’s professors. … more

Whitmer Education Plan Trips Over Charter Schools

 Last week, the campaign of Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer released an official policy document outlining her plans for the state’s public schools. … more

Special Privilege

DOJ watchdog says Comey 'deviated' from FBI procedures in Clinton probe: reportClinton email investigation deviated from procedural norms Click Here for Story

Sanctions Stay for Now

North Korea must show progress in de-nuking for them to go away Click Here for Details

President’s Birthday Present… To Us

Unemployment drops to lowest since 1973 Click Here for Story

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Thursday June 14, 2018

Flag Day

Happy Anniversary Don and Margaret!

Deep State Bullying?

Dershowitz screenshotDershowitz says Rosenstein should not be able to get away with threatening Congress Click Here for Story

State Taxpayers Seeing Payoff From Smaller Prison Population

 The Michigan Department of Corrections is slated to close another prison sometime during the middle of next year.  … more

Michigan Lawmakers Consider More Handouts

  Legislators are considering whether to give more subsidies to select companies, and the proposals seem to be getting a favorable ear.  … more

2nd Amendment Win

Judge issues restraining order preventing Illinois city from confiscating its citizens’ gunsJudge prevents Illinois city from seizing guns Click Here for Details

Mueller Sinking

Polls shows Special Counsel is sinking to an all time low Click Here for Story

Next on Agenda?

Middle East Peace Click Here for Details

Stop the Spending!

Despite record tax collection Feds still over spending Click Here for Story

Dems and Elites Worried?

Latest primaries show more support for Trump Agenda and supporters Click Here for Details and Video


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