Monday May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

  Remember to honor those who serve and protect us. How will you remember? Click Here for Details

If you missed the Drift Radio Show on Saturday catch it now on podcast click on the Common Sense Radio Tab above

Transgender Bathroom Issue in Howell

Forum to discuss policy considered Click Here for Story

Ryan is Wasting Time

Senator Sessions tells Speaker Ryan to get on Trump Train now Click Here for Details

How Russia is Prepping for WW III

NATO and the west are scaring Russia? Click Here for Story

Illegals Being Treated Better Than Veterans

Trump defines major problem with our government Click Here for Story


Vietnam Memorial vandalized on Memorial weekend Click Here for Details and Video

Latinos for Trump

Image result for latinos for trump  Media can’t understand Latino support for Trump Click Here for Story

Reality Follows Fiction

© Ruptly Drone from computer game now real Click Here for Story and Video

Border Patrol Helpless?

BPlockedout1  Locked out of Indian Reservation where Mexican drug cartel is operating Click Here for Details

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Sunday May 29, 2016

Remember Memorial Day’s Purpose

This is something to watch and share Click Here for Story 

Gutless Bernie

Walks back his rigged primary statements and caves to Clinton? Click Here for Story

Aggressive Attorney General

 AG Lynch is aggressive in all the wrong ways Click Here for Details

PC Has Made Americans Forget

Schools not teaching about vicious Japan and Germany during WWII Click Here for Story

Zika in Florida?

Some experts say its already present in US southern states? Click Here for Details

Human Shields

Iraqi pro-government forces gesture in an area between the village of al-Sejar and FallujahISIS using civilians as shields CLick Here for Story

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The Drift Radio Show May 28, 2016

The Drift Radio Show May 28, 2016

Join host Gary Wellings as he discusses Memorial Day, Obama’s speech at Hiroshima, the use of Atomic Bombs to end WWII in the Pacific, Trump’s clinching of the nomination and Paul Ryan’s anti-conservative actions. Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday May 28, 2016

Thank your Veterans this weekend

Talk about this weeks stories on The Drift Radio Show Saturday at 2pm on WAAM Yalk 1600 or live on the web at call in 734-822-1600

Obama’s Ultimate Betrayal

Obama in Hiroshima (Kimimasa Mayama / AFP / Getty)Speech at Hiroshima puts blame on US? Click Here for Details

Rubio’s Big Reversal?

IS he flip flopping on Trump or just embracing the GOP nominee as he should? Click Here for Story and Video

America’s Best Beaches?

With summer starting where is your favorite beach Click Here for Story

Taxpayers Should Not Be on the Hook for Stadiums

  Michigan has a bad track record when it comes to having state and local taxpayers pay for professional sports stadiums. … more

Clinton Emails Need Lots of Explaining

Stories have consistently changed since the beginning Click Here for Story and Video

Trump Sanders Debate?

Could this happen as a bypass to Hillary? Click Here for Details

Avoiding Investigators

Huma Abedin, who has been at Hillary Rodham Clinton's side as her personal assistant or "body woman" since the 2008 presidential race, faced criticism for standing by her husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, after sexting scandals that damaged his political career. She now has to defend her own actions with the Clinton Foundation and the State Department email scandal. (Associated Press) ** FILE **Hillary’s inner circle tried to avoid investigators in the email probe Click Here for Story

Rate Hike Cometh

Janet Yellen says a rate hike is probable Click Here for Details and Video

“Justice Involved”?

  The new politically correct term for criminals Click Here for Story

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Friday May 27, 2016

Nomination Clinched

Trump gets necessary delegates for nomination Click Here for Details

Gilbert Not Running for Congressional Seat

Actress Melissa Gilbert decides not to run for 8th district seat Click Here for Story

Shaking Things Up

World leaders know that America won’t be pushed around under a Trump Presidency Click Here for Story

Money Rolling In, But Cities With Hands Out To Lansing Claim ‘Broken’ Finances

 Michigan’s largest municipalities on average saw their budgets increase from 2014 to 2015. Yet, there is a clamor by the cities that the way they are financed is “broken.”  … more

No Journalistic Integrity

Katie Couric makes news by selectively editing facts Click Here for Details and Video

Republicans Further Obama’s Latest Housing Agenda

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing gets GOP help Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Local Governments Cry Poor but Act Rich

  Many local governments in Michigan pay for retired employees’ health insurance costs, a type of benefit that is rare in the private sector.  … more

Is Guccifer Helping the Case Against Hillary ?

Romanian hacker’s plea deal could be very bad news for Clinton camp Click Here for Details

Bernie and the Socialist Failures

Sanders doesn’t like being questioned about socialism Click Here for Story and Video

Christians Not Welcome

No Christians among Syrian refugees Click Here for Details

Why Ryan Needs to Be Primaried Out

Paul Ryan Attacks Trump APStands by illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

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Thursday May 26, 2016

Hillary’s Email Problems

 Trump weighs in on Inspector General’s report Click Here for Details

Energy Emergency in Michigan

Governor declares emergency to help with gas supplies Click Here for Story

Ummmm Not Welcome?

Image source: Washington Post Commencement speaker gets more than she bargained for Click Here for Details

Bill Takes Away Car Owners’ Choice of Less Expensive Parts

  The Michigan Legislature is considering restricting customers’ freedom to save money by choosing the less expensive aftermarket auto parts. … more

High Taxes Lack a Guarantee of Quality Services: See Detroit

 High taxes do not guarantee quality services. Detroit has the highest effective property taxes in the country, according to the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence’s 2014 property tax study. … more

DNC Chair in Trouble?

Dems discuss dropping Wasserman Schultz  Many Democrats not happy with Wasserman-Schultz Click Here for Story

Schumer Protecting Saudis?

Schumer Watering down bill that allows 9/11 families to sue Click Here for Details

Anti-Trump Protests are Just Criminal

Thugs, illegals and paid activists breaking the law and rioting Click Here for Story and Video

Email Problems Just Got Worse

In this Oct. 18, 2011, file photo, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton checks her Blackberry from a desk inside a C-17 military plane upon her departure from Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, bound for Tripoli, Libya. Newly released emails show a 2009 request to issue a secure government smartphone to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was denied by the National Security Agency. (AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque, Pool, File) Hillary and crew failed to report hack attacks Click Here for Details

Ignorant UN Chief Interfering in US Politics?

Tells graduates at Columbia University not o vote for Climate Change deniers Click Here for Story

Obama’s Legacy

President Barack Obama works on his statement concerning the situation in Libya with, from left, Chief of Staff Bill Daley, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication Ben Rhodes, in Brasilia, Brazil, March 19, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.Shamefully supporting the fooling of Americans Click Here for Details

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Wednesday May 25, 2016

What Caused Explosion

Remains from Flight 804 show evidence of an explosion Click Here for Details

Everest the Highest?

Volcán Chimborazo, El Taita ChimborazoThink again Click Here for Story

Overnight Bridge Closures in Brighton

US-23 and I-96 construction continues Click Here for Details

Ridesharing Drivers Tell Their Stories

  Ridesharing companies operate in six cities in Michigan and have provided job opportunities and rides to thousands of Michiganders. Hear their stories. … more


House considers impeaching IRS Chief Click Here for Story and Video

Detroit Public Schools’ Collapse Preceded Charter School Expansion

  Charter schools are a lifeline to parents who don’t want their children trapped in the worst urban school district in the country. … more

2nd Amendment Violation?

Scott Olson/Getty Images Hawaii wants to put gun owners into a database Click Here for Story

Kentucky Recount?

 Sanders asks for recanvass of Kentucky primary Click Here for Details


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Tuesday May 24, 2016

About That Nevada Dem Convention

What you may not have seen Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Meat Allergies from Ticks?

Lone Star Tick now showing up in southern Michigan Click Here for Details

How Forfeiture Should Work in Michigan

  The federal government is seizing a historic Detroit recording studio under its forfeiture laws. … more

Can Clinton Get Sanders Votes?

No so fast…Click Here for Story link by Pgh Expat

Economic Interference Week

  The act of governments using tax dollars to pick winners and losers is nothing to celebrate.  … more


 Veterans Secretary makes an unbelievable statement about Veterans waiting for care Click Here for Details

Not Guilty

1st Baltimore Police Officer found NOT guilty in Freddie Gray death Click Here for Story

Dirty Harry Throws His Weight into Hillary VP Pick

Doesn’t want GOP Governor’s to pick a Dem replacement Click Here for Details

Back in the Spotlight

Newly released emails brings Fast & Furious case back into the open Click Here for Story

Obama Ends Arms Embargo

 Lifts weapons ban on Vietnam Click Here for Story

Clinton Cash Scandal

Yea its going to get bad Click Here for Details

Getting Chilly

Polish soldiers look on as U.S. Army soldiers unload M1 Abrams tanks which will participate in exercises at the training ground in Drawsko Pomorskie, Jankowo Pomorskie, northwestern Poland © Agencja Gazeta NATO Russian realtions back to COld War Era? Click Here for Story

IRS is Pathetic

IRS building in Washington / AP Paid over $15 billion in Earned Income Credits to people who shouldn’t have gotten it Click Here for Details

Judge Blasts DOJ Lawyers

For lying in court to defend Obama’s Amnesty plans Click Here for Story

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Monday May 23, 2016

Wasserman-Schultz to Pay the Price?

Sanders helping to raise fund for her primary opponent Click Here for Details

Economic Interference Week

  The act of governments using tax dollars to pick winners and losers is nothing to celebrate.  … more

Deputies Being Ambushed

Screengrab via KHPO-TVArizona deputies being targeted Click Here for Details

Clinton Getting the Jump on Trump in Ohio

Hillary’s crew starting on Ohio campaign already Click Here for Details

Germans Looking for Protection

pistol firing   Buying whatever they can to protect themselves from migrants Click Here for Story

ISIS Urging Attacks

Europe and US to be targeted by Islamic State Click Here for Details

Militia’s Rising

More Americans not trusting the government Click Here for Story

More TSA Delays

Travelers can expect even more delays Click Here for Details

Ramping on the Attacks on Bill?

Michael Smith/NewsmakersAccusers coming forward Click Here for Story


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The Drift Radio Show May 21, 2016

The Drift Radio Show May 21, 2016

Join host Gary Wellings as he discusses Armed Forces Day, Hillary Clinton scandals, the election Eypyt Air Flight 804 and the latest Trump endorsements Click Here for Podcast

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