Sunday March 26, 2017

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Lessons From the Ryancare Failure

14 takeaways from Speaker Ryan’s legislative failure Click Here for Story 

Michigan’s Spring Forecast?

What can we expect Click Here for Forecast 

Democratic Criminal Behavior?

Democrats in Nebraska include voter registration forms in refugee welcome baskets Click Here for Story

Trump Not Done on Healthcare

Trump tweets: We’ll put together a great plan after Obamacare explodesTweets positive statement about still fixing healthcare Click Here for Details

Underprivileged? NOT!

Many of todays violent protesters come from very wealthy families Click Here for Story

Traitor McCain

US Senator still working against President Trump while overseas Click Here for Details

Why Ryan? Why?

What was Speaker Ryan trying to accomplish with his Ryancare bill Click Here for Story and Video

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The Drift Radio Show March 25, 2017

The Drift Radio Show March 25, 2017

Join host Gary Wellings and Ash Hampton as they discuss Trenton Schools and teachers propagandizing children, the failure of Ryancare to get to a vote in Congress, Obamacare alternatives, Democratic obstructionism and a possible filibuster led by Senator Chuck Schumer and the latest Islamic terror attack in Great Britain Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday March 25, 2017

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Bad Influence

Sen. Lindsey Graham, right, said that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has "become a destructive force" for the Senate. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Senator Lindsey Graham calls Senator Chuck Schumer a destructive force Click Here for Story

Is This What Motivated Nunes?

Pressure building on House Intel as evidence and whistleblowers come out Click Here for Story

Ridesharing Gets Rolling in Michigan

  Two companies stand out in the ridesharing business in Michigan: Uber and Lyft.  … more

Justice Clarence Thomas Takes a Broadside at Civil Forfeiture

  The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to hear a case on whether government should be able to receive forfeited property without a criminal conviction. But that hasn’t stopped Justice Clarence Thomas from taking a big swipe at civil forfeiture laws across the nation. … more

Nothing to Hide

House Intel chairman: Paul Manafort volunteered to interview in Russia probe Paul Manafort volunteers to testify in House Intel hearing on alleged Russia Trump connection Click Here for Details

How Close Was the Latest UK Terror Suspect?

The Prime Minister is escorted towards her car by elite armed copsVery close to Prime Minister Theresa May Click Here for Story and Video

Smoking Gun on Obama Surveillance of Trump

NSA might have solid evidence of surveillance of Trump Click Here for Details

Costly Policy

 In 24 states over half of babies are born on Medicaid Click Here for Story

Bad Optics

obamacare Ryancare for what its worth is seen badly by many Americans Click Here for Details

But Facts Matter

 With latest amendments ACHA reduces US deficit by $150 Billion Click Here for Story

Common Sense…From Le Pen

Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen comments on US Russo relations Click Here for Story


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Friday March 24, 2017

Keystone Approval?

TransCanada officials say they expect approval as the permit deadline approaches. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) Long awaited project could get the green light as soon as next week Click Here for Details

Another Wasteful Transportation Boondoggle

How much would the feel good program of Livingston-Washtenaw commuter rail cost taxpayers? Click Here for Story

Governor’s Commission Rejects Voters’ Judgment On More Windmills

  Voters soundly rejected a mandate for 25 percent renewable energy in the state. Yet, bureaucrats push for even higher standards. … more

Justice Clarence Thomas Takes a Broadside at Civil Forfeiture

  The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to hear a case on whether government should be able to receive forfeited property without a criminal conviction. But that hasn’t stopped Justice Clarence Thomas from taking a big swipe at civil forfeiture laws across the nation. … more

UK’s Prime Minister Responds to Terror Attack

Theresa May responds to London attack: ‘We will never give in’Theresa May give speech after attack Click Here for Story

Obstructionist Chuck

Senator Schumer shows he and the Dems are simple political obstructionists Click Here for Details

MSM Agendists

Media barely covers real rape of 14 year old by illegals but spent tons of time on Fake UVA rape Click Here for Story and Video

Taking Ourselves to Slaughter

Bystanders stop to give people mouth to mouth after the driver mowed them down. Katie Hopkins says we are now a broken London  Allowing Islam to spread in Western countries is suicide Click Here for Details

Population Shift

  Rust belt still losing population Click Here for Story

Adam Schiff: Liar Extraordinaire?

 Big holes in Democrat story on Trump Russia connection Click Here for Details

Don’t Blame Trump…

19yo US-Israeli citizen arrested for wave of bomb threats against Jewish centers19 Year old US Israeli citizen arrested for bomb threats against Jewish centers Click Here for Story


White HouseObama loyalists are trying to sabotage the Trump Admin Click Here for Story

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Thursday March 23, 2017

Attack on Parliament?

U.K. Parliament in lockdown after reports of gunfire Car and knife attack at British Parliament building Click Here for Details

Democrat Demonizers

Dems weigh all-out war against Gorsuch   Dems pull out all stops to block Gorsuch Click Here for Story

US 23 Closures

Construction will close US -23 at places north of Ann Arbor Click Here for Details

Trump Was Right…Again?

Nunes: Trump transition members were under surveillance during Obama administration  House Intel Chair says Trump Team info was inadvertently captured by surveillance Click Here for Story and Video

Superintendent: We Don’t Have Money To Give Top Teachers Merit Pay

  Another school district in Michigan has an ineffective teacher getting a raise while highly effective teachers’ salaries are stagnant. … more

Union Behind Michigan ‘Dues Skim’ Facing More Corruption Allegations

   The union responsible for skimming tens of millions of dollars from home caregivers has been placed under an emergency trusteeship to investigate alleged financial malpractice.  … more

Comey Not Believable

Poll shows Americans don’t trust FBI Director Click Here for Story and Video

Erdogan Threats

Turkish President Erdogan attends a ceremony marking the 102nd anniversary of Battle of Canakkale, also known as the Gallipoli Campaign, in Canakkale More threats from Turkish President towards Europe Click Here for Details

State of California Threatens Companies?

Don’t work on Trump wall or else? Click Here for Story

Time For Senate to Go Nuclear

  Chuck Schumer threatens no SCOTUS appointment while Dems push fake Russian story Click Here for Details

Illegal Immigration Problems Led to 14 Year Olds Brutal Rape

Sean SpicerPast Government policies have flooded schools with dangerous criminals Click Here for Story


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Wednesday March 22, 2017

Healthcare Replacement in Trouble?

Momentum drops on Capitol Hill Click Here for Story and Video

Regulatory Reform: Make Michigan a Job and Income-Growth Leader

 Pop Quiz: Which is a more dangerous profession: cutting hair or flying a commercial airplane?  … more

Good With His Hands, But Sidelined By Massage License Requirement

  Michigan requires individuals to jump through a series of hoops before granting them permission to make a living as a massage therapist. … more

Gorsuch Hearings

Watch: Neil Gorsuch quizzed by Grassley, Feinstein about Roe v. Wade; see how he respondsSee how SCOTUS nominee performs Click Here for Story

Fox Involved in Intel Cover Up?

Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano over intel reporting Click Here for Details

EU May Force Members to Take Refugees

Forced suicide is what the EU wants Click Here for Details 

Ryan Says Reconciliation Can’t Fix All Obamacare Problems

But changes have been made and Senate will make more? Click Here for Story

Comey Testimony Only Brings Suspicions on Obama Admin

Obama silhouette Oval Office (Pete Souza / White House / Getty)Attempt to deny Trump claims ring hollow Click Here for Details

Strange Things Afoot?

UK joins US in banning tech devices as carry-ons on planes from certain countries Click Here for Story

Safe Spaces

PC has gone Waaaay to far Click Here for Details

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Tuesday March 21, 2017

Mistakes by Secret Service?

Secret Service had removed alarm sensors from fence intruder scaledFence sensors had been removed Click Here for Story

Michigan Medicaid Births

Search by county in Michigan Click Here for Details

Michigan Taxpayers Don’t Need to Spend Another $4 Billion Annually on Infrastructure

  A recent report put out by a governor-appointed commission doesn’t say what the media proclaims. … more

Henry Ford Community College Gets ‘Yellow Light’ Rating for Speech Code

  Henry Ford Community College’s speech code requiring students to obtain permits for expression would warrant a yellow-light rating for being unreasonably restrictive of free expression. … more

How Mainstream Media Now Creates News

Fed’s tiny budget cut to Meal on Wheels is blown way out of proportion Click Here for Story and Video

Comey Dancing Around Intel Hearings?

Controversial FBI head testifies at intel hearings Click Here for Story

Voter Fraud

Maryland voter fraud shows it could be rampant across the country Click Here for Details

NSA Documents Contradict FBI Director?

Project “Dragnet” does point to surveillance of Trump campaign? Click Here for Story

Intel Hearings Show the Real Crime Committed

  Rep Trey Gowdy hits Comey hard on the leakers who have committed a felony Click Here for Details and Video

Gorsuch Hearings Start

 Democrats setting to make it a political circus Click Here for Story

Snowden’s Thoughts on Comey Testimony

‘Stop breaking the law’: Snowden raises ‘red flag’ over testimony of NSA and FBI chiefs Are the intel agencies breaking the law? Click Here for Details

Comey Contradicts Himself

James ComeySays no surveillance of Trump campaign but then says there was a Trump Russian investigation? Click Here for Story

Government Gone So Wrong

IRS gives Satan worshiping after school club tax exempt status Click Here for Details


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Monday March 20, 2017

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Held Accountable

Secret Service fires one its own for not upholding her duty? Click Here for Story

 One of Michigan’s Best

leland_fishtown_all.jpeg   Leland makes the top 24 coolest towns in nation Click Here for Story

Last year marked the first time in seven years that the number of people working for Michigan’s state government increased. It employed 46,692 people in 2016, or 415 more employees than the previous year, according to the Civil Service Commission’s annual report. The state had 62,057 employees in 2001. … more

Catch The Leakers

Rand Paul has an interesting solution to catch ‘deep state’ government leakersRand Paul has a solution to solve the Deep State Crisis Click Here for Story

Reducer in Chief

Under Trump US Debt actually went down in first two months Click Here for Details

The Whip List

Where is the GOP on getting Repeal and Replacement done? Click Here for Details and Video

Problem Countries

30 countries won’t take back their illegals from the US Click Here for Story

More Security Problems

The Secret Service has bolstered security at the White House after a man was arrested making threats at one of its checkpoints in the third such security scare in just over a weekYet another problem at the White House Click Here for Details

Nothing There

Key Democrats prepping constituencies that there is NO Russian connection to Trump Click Here for Story

Another Trump Victory?

Charitable Americans jumping in to help Meals on Wheels Click Here for Story

NO Collusion

Reports re there is nothing to the Dem and media nonsense Click Here for Details

Government At It’s Worst

IRS building / High taxes and free programs de-incentivize people to work Click Here for Story

Turkish President Way Out of Line

Europeans ‘would revive gas chambers if they weren't ashamed’ – ErdoganMore demonization of Europe Click Here for Details


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Sunday March 19, 2017

Islam Strikes Again

A picture purported to show the man who was shot dead at Paris Orly airport this morning after snatching a soldier's gunIslamic terrorist killed at Paris airport Click Here for Story

Some Conservatives Very Happy with Trump Actions

Norquist says Trump assured his re-election this week Click Here for Details and Video

Oh My Safe Space

LGBT community worrying themselves needlessly over Trump Click Here for Story

Give Michigan Drivers Relief from High Auto Insurance Premiums

A new legislative session kicked off in January, and once again, there’s talk in Lansing about reforming auto insurance in Michigan. … more

Hypocrite Bernie

Bernie Sanders lectures America for ‘worshipping wealth’ — promptly gets annihilated for hypocrisy Bernie talks about Americans worshipping money and gets hammered for his hypocrisy Click Here for Story

Border Wall Specifications

Specs released and bids requested for Border Wall Click Here for Details



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The Drift Radio Show March 18, 2017

The Drift Radio Show March 18, 2017

Join host Gary Wellings and guests Rick Dietering and Joe Leonard as they discuss the Trump budget and cuts to the federal government, changes at the State Department and Rex Tillerson’s statements on North Korea, wiretaps, surveillance and upcoming intel hearings. Click Here for Podcast 

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