Wednesday December 19, 2018

More Waiting

Judge delays sentencing on General Flynn Click Here for Story

Guess Who?

Senate will get Martha McSally as a Senator afterall Click Here for Details

National Charter School Critic Paints Flawed, Muddled Picture Of Detroit Education Landscape

Invalid to lump Detroit charter performance in with Detroit’s district schools

New Cancer Treatment

Israeli company says it has new weapon against cancer Click Here for Story

Trade War Winner

POTUS can win the trade war with China Click Here for Details

No Border Wall Funding

Press Secretary says Admin could back down? Click Here for Story

America’s Problem

Big Government and bad Immigration rules Click Here for Story






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Tuesday December 18, 2018

What Did Mueller Hide?

What happened to Page and Strzok cell phones?  Click Here for Story

BOLO in Hartland Michigan

Be on the lookout for 3 armed assailants Click Here for Details

Township Clear-Cuts Its Own Trees; Fines Property Owners $450k For Removing Theirs

Local firm would replace its trees with Christmas tree farm, Canton Township replaced its own with piles of dirt

MSM is Wrong Again

Family of little girl who dies at border dispute the story being told by mainstream media Click Here for Story

Give US the Damn Wall

POTUS pushes for wall as Dems push for open borders Click Here for Story

Funny How That Works

One month after Democrats win the House the stock market tanks? Click Here for Details

How Iran Evades Sanctions

Boastful Iranians say they’ll teach others how to evade US sanctions Click Here for Story

Tell EU Goodbye

Boris Johnson tells the UK to prepare for a clean break from the European Union Click Here for Details



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Monday December 17, 2018

Overturning Flynn Decision?

Will FBI and DOJ corruption cause General Flynn’s conviction to be undone? Click Here for Story

Detroit Class Size Figures Skewed Upward By Gym And Team Sports

School district’s average class size is 26.73; 1,502 classes have fewer than 10 students

Bye Bye Obamacare?

Federal Judge knocks down Obamacare Click Here for Story (link contributed by J.P.)

The Net Neutrality Lie

Been gone for over a year and despite the doomsaying it wasn’t true Click Here for Story

POTUS Will Review Case of Charged Green Beret

Maj. Matthew Golsteyn charged in death of Afghan Click Here for Details

Evil Blair

Globalist former British PM  trying to sabotage BREXIT? Click Here for Story

Education Failure

periodsSchools ordered to teach boys that they can have periods too?? Click Here for Details

Don’t Fear the Shutdown

75% of government is already funded despite shutdown fearmongering Click Here for Story

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Sunday December 16, 2018

GOP Can Blame Themselves

House loss is not POTUS fault Click Here for Story and Video

32,000 Flee Teachers Union Under Michigan Right-To-Work Law

Former member blames Michigan Education Association’s bullying tactics

Smart Move

Iowa Schools makes gun training mandatory for middle school students? Click Here for Story

Zinke Leaving

Interior Secretary leaving the Trump Administration Click Here for Details

Moscow on the Caribbean?

New Russian base on Venezuelan island? Click Here for Story

French Crackdown

MacronYellow Vest protest getting hit hard by French forces Click Here for Details

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The Drift Radio Show December 15, 2018

The Drift Radio Show December 15, 2018

Join hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they interview Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck on the Michigan Grassroots Alliance and discuss news of the week Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday December 15, 2018

 Join us on The Drift Radio Show at 1 pm Saturday on WAAM Talk 1600 or live on the web at call in line 734-822-1600 to discuss news of the week

What Shutdown?

  Any government shut down really is only 25% and non-essential? Click Here for Details

POTUS Right Again

Elizabeth Warren admits she is not a person of color Click Here for Details

Parkland Shooting Commission Results?

Arm the teachers Click Here for Story

Washtenaw Dems are Lawless?

Want charges dropped on candidate that violated the law? Click Here for Story

Celebrating When Graduation Rates Reach 47 Percent

Wayne State University cites increase from 26 percent

Michigan made better choices on forest management

Good Neighbor Authority has proven to be a good choice

Pelosi Praying?

Incoming Speaker Pelosi wants people to think she’s a Bible supporter? Click Here for Story

Finger Pointers

Child dies at border of dehydration and Democrats want to blame the US Click Here for Details and Video

France Chaos Continues

Yellow Vest Protests is not stopping Click Here for Story

Death of The Weekly Standard

weekly-standard-fadeoutAnti-Trump publication will close down Click Here for Details




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Friday December 14, 2018

Guess Who Was Behind Caravan Extortion Request?

Central American terror group Click Here for Story

Why Are We Doing This?

Deer Sterilization permits Click Here for Details

Bad News for Mueller Team?

Judge in Flynn sentencing wants to see memos and info from FBI Click Here for Story

Striking a Balance on Environmental Regulations

‘No more stringent’ will benefit Michigan

Lame-Duck Legislator Calls For Penalties on Distributing Straws

‘I wanted to make a statement,’ says sponsor of a bill in the Michigan House

Possible Steal Back?

 This image appears to show China's new stealth jetIS this a Chinese jet? Click Here for Story

Student Stupidity

The hypocrisy of millenials  on Baby its Cold vs Rap Music Click Here for Details

To Fund or Not Fund

GOP will look at funding bills next week Click Here for Story


Chinese factory work survives horrific  robot accident at factory Click Here for Details

Top Notch

Grand Marshal Gary Sinise gives a thumbs up to the crowd at the 129th Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., Monday, Jan. 1, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker)Actor Gary Sinise flies 1000 children of fallen soldiers to Disney World Click Here for Story

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Thursday December 13, 2018

?Democrat Wants What?

Image result for ted lieu Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu says he’s love to be able to control free speech?… or not? Click Here for Story and Video

When Will We Learn?

CherifFrench Terror attacker was Muslim extremist Click Here for Story

36 Months for Cohen

Jail time for Cohen but for what? Click Here for Details

Lame-Duck Legislator Calls For Penalties on Distributing Straws

‘I wanted to make a statement,’ says sponsor of a bill in the Michigan House

Moscow Mika Gets Really Inappropriate

Name calling reaches new low for MSNBC’s Mika Brezinski Click Here for Story and Video

Short Sighted?

Some Senators want to end support for Saudis Click Here for Details

Recession Coming

Political uncertainty has CFOs thinking timid? Click Here for Story

Refugee Scam

Caravaners asking for $50,000 each to go home Click Here for Details




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Wednesday December 12, 2018

Dems Won’t Protect America

POTUS meets Pelosi, Schumer in Oval Office and Dems won’t fund border wall Click Here for Details

No Collusion Possible

Bush Era Lawyer says the Trump campaign was incapable of colluding with Russia Click Here for Details


Ann Arbor water contamination spikes Click Here for Story

Bill Would Authorize Payroll Withholding For Lottery Tickets

For every $1 dollar spent on the lottery, players lose 40 cents on average

Even Amended, Michigan’s Paid Sick Leave Would Cost Employers $1.1 Billion

But original proposal was much worse

Comey’s Lack of Transparency in One Tweet

Former FBI Director is hiding a lot of information Click Here for Story

Build That WALL!

Would Trump use military to build the wall? Click Here for Story

Russia At the Door?

  Russian bombers return to Venezuela Click Here for Details

Google IS Biased

Google CEO Sundar PichaiGoogle CEO can’t explain the systems obvious anti Trump and anti-Conservative bias? Click Here for Story




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Tuesday December 11, 2018

Dems Will Do Nothing But an Anti-Trump Agenda

Two years of Obstruction and worthless investigations Click Here for Story

Permits To Cut Your Own Trees? Fast-Moving Bill Says ‘Not Anymore’

Local governments could not ban tree removal on private, non-residential property

Bullying is a Huge Problem – School Choice is Helping Solve It

Bold action is needed to give families more options

Poster Child for Stupid Democrats

Ocasio-Cortez dishes more stupid comments Click Here for Details

Ski Season in the Midwest

Mt. Brighton opens for 2018/2019 season Click Here for Story

Betting on a Beto

Texas Senate loser O’Rourke may be Dems best bet for 2020? Click Here for Story

No Brexit Deal

Theresa May pulls deal to look for new negotiation Click Here for Details

UN Is A Danger to Western Nations

  Promoting unbridled immigration will destroy western nations and cultures Click Here for Story

Collusion Fail?

Democrats Now Want Impeachment for sex payoff? Click Here for Details

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