Wednesday December 13, 2017

Alabama Election

Jones pulls off a win   Click Here for Details

Don’t Trust the Intel Community

Former US spy says intelligence community has attacked the new President Click Here for Story

Hepatitis on the Rise

Is immigration causing the increase in Hepatitis in SE Michigan? Click Here for Details

Detroit School District Still Needs Teachers

 Detroit’s public school district reports that it has 171 vacant teaching positions. … more

Productive Skills, Not College Degrees, Key to Economic Prosperity

  From the 16th to the 18th century, the dominant economic theory in Western Europe was mercantilism. Its basic idea was that worldwide wealth was static and for a country to grow rich, it needed to control as much of this wealth as possible. … more

Social Media Programming

Former Facebook Exec says you are being programmed Click Here for Story and Video

Democrat Hypocrite

Senator Gillibrand used to do anything for donations …like hanging with the Clintons? Click Here for Story

Terrorist WE Brought In

  Used chain migration policy against the US Click Here for Story


POTUS gives NASA its momentum back Click Here for Story



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Tuesday December 12, 2017

Terror Attack in New York

Breaking: NYPD responding to explosion at NYC Port Authority bus terminal near Times SquareBomber apprehended Click Here for Details

Violence in Mid East Should NOT Dictate US policy

Being passive and tolerant hasn’t worked to find peace in Middle East Click Here for Story

Unions Complicit in Retirement Benefit Crisis

  Public sector union members protested at the state capitol this week because lawmakers are considering reforms to post-employment health insurance benefits promised by local governments to their employees. Union officials loudly proclaim that these benefits should not be cut, and it’s not clear that the recently introduced package would cut them.

Charters Schools ‘Segregated’? Children Only Attend If Their Parents Choose

 For years, the most common criticism of America’s public charter schools was that they cherry-picked the best students from conventional public schools, which opponents said accounted for charter’s superior academic performance. … more

GOP Bad at Marketing

Unpopular tax plan because they allow Dems and Media the upper hand Click Here for Story

Calling the Kettle?

Turkey’s Prime Minister calls Israel a terror country? Click Here for Details

Fox Phony Poll?

Has there been a huge drop for Moore support or is Fox polling wrong again? Click Here for Story

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Monday December 11, 2017

Waste of Time and Effort

Firing Mueller would be insane. Discrediting him is pure impeachment politics. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)Mueller investigation is a waste but firing him is not an option? Click Here for Story

Highway Shooter

4 highway shootings in Detroit may be connected Click Here for Story

Raise For Detroit School Union Official Exceeds Salary Of Many Teachers

 The highest paid employee for the AFT-Michigan union is no longer its president. It’s Jon Curtiss, who is now collecting a salary of $191,395 after getting a $65,188 raise in 2017. … more

Grosse Pointe Restricts Nonresident Students, Board Member Joins ‘Charter School Segregation’ Chorus

  Grosse Pointe has some of the most restrictive policies in the state regarding who is allowed to attend their schools.  … more

True Persecution

Christians in the Middle East are being brutally persecuted Click Here for Story

Moore Topping Alabama Polls

Latest polls seem to show GOP candidate on top Click Here for Details

Failed Deportation

Attempt to send Somalis back to Africa fails Click Here for Story

This IS Islam

Synagogue in Sweden firebombed by Muslim extremists Click Here for Details

The True War on Women

Liberal comedienne attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders Click Here for Story

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Sunday December 10, 2017

Dems Un-Reality

Still looking for Trump Russian Collusion and finding nothing Click Here for Details

Time to Clean Out State Department

Report: The State Department still won’t recognize Jerusalem as a place that existsAlong with other Liberal Deep State departments the State dept needs to be cleaned out Click Here for Story

Dem Leadership Unhinged

Calling the best tax plan in years apocalyptic is crazy Click Here for Story

Moonbeam Loses His Mind

Blames California fires on global warming Click Here for Details

More Fake News

And yet another fake news report from Washington Post reporter Click Here for Story


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The Drift Radio Show December 9, 2017

The Drift Radio Show December 9, 2017

Join host Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they discuss Washington sex scandals, Al Franken’s alleged resignation, John Conyers resignation, Trent Franks resignation, the hypocrisy of Bernie Danders and the left, the untrustworthiness of the FBI, CNN fake news and other news of the week Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday December 9, 2017

Catch The Drift Radio Show Saturday at 1 pm on WAAM Talk 1600 or live on the web at call in line 734-822-1600 to discuss news of the week!

All Russian Roads Lead to Obama Admin?

Investigate Trump all you want Russian connections lead to Obama and Clintons Click Here for Story

Conyers Seat to Be Vacant?

11 months till special election Click Here for Details

Ex-Con Working as Nurse Gets Denied License When Moving to Michigan

 Michigan’s restrictive licensing denies people opportunities. … more

Trent Franks Resigns from Congress

Report: Rep. Trent Franks asked a female staffer to act as a surrogate in exchange for $5 millionAnother Congressman bites the dust due to inappropriate actions Click Here for Details

Admitting Phony?

Moore accuser admits doctoring yearbook? Click Here for Story

Turkish Threats

Turkish Prime Minister promoting violence over US decision to recognize Israel’s capital? Click Here for Details

More CNN Fakenews

Network pushes another fake news story Click Here for Details

FBI Hiding the Truth

 FBI Director Wray won’t say whether the FBI paid for a fake dossier on Trump or if it gave special treatment to Hillary Clinton Click Here for Story

Trolling the Media

Roy Moore supporter trolls liberal reporter Click Here for Details

WaPo Fake Media

Stories being planted against conservatives Click Here for Story

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Friday December 8, 2017

Never Sorry?

Democratic US Senator Al Franken is under pressure to leave office after several women accused him of sexual misconduct Franken resigns from Senate but never said this word Click Here for Details

  Alan Singer is an education professor at Hofstra University in New York, and as a contributor to the Huffington Post, he has written numerous posts attacking public charter schools. … more

The Democratic Ruse

Bernie Sanders: Trump should consider resignation over sexual misconduct allegations Dems equate proven libe harassers with phony allegations against Republicans Click Here for Details

Democrats Want Shutdown

Pelosi: Dems will oppose short-term spending bill Obstructionists want to threaten shut down to stop GOP reforms Click Here for Details

Time to Banish Obama?

Former President still trying to ruin the US Click Here for Story

High School Shooting

At lest 3 dead in New Mexico shooting Click Here for Details

Washington Thieves

Why does Washington DC suburbs compromise the 5 wealthiest counties in the nation? Click Here for Story

Jerusalem Move Fractures Never Trumpers

President continues fulfilling campaign promises and hurts the Never Trump movement? Click Here for Details

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Thursday December 7, 2017

Recognizing Jeruslem as Israeli Capital

President calls for formal recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital by the US Click Here for Story

Now Dems Call for Franken Resignation?

On Wednesday, several Democrats called on Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., to resign from office after a seventh woman came forward accusing Franken of forcibly trying to kiss her in 2006. What took them so long? Why is now the right time to call for Franken to resign? (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) Seventh accuser comes forward Click Here for Details

Assessing Michigan’s Alleged Teacher Shortage

It’s a common refrain recently that Michigan is facing a teacher shortage. But is that really true? … more

President Trump Keeping Promises

Refugee admissions dropped dramatically this year Click Here for Details

This IS Islam

Plot Islamists to kill British Prime Minister foiled Click Here for Story

Will Franken Resign ?

Announcement expected Thursday as Dems turn on him Click Here for Details

And Another Biased Mueller Operative Uncovered

A second anti-trump biased lawyer working for Mueller investigation comes to light Click Here for Story

Youtube Hides the Truth

Censoring videos of migrants in Poland Click Here for Details

Hate From Some of the Arab World?

Turkey says US recognition of Jerusalem as capital will set fire to the Middle East?  As if it hasn’t been for 50 years? Click Here for Story

LA Burning

A dramatic 50-acre brush fire erupted Wednesday morning in the Sepulveda Pass area of Los Angeles was captured in this footage Southern California wild fires hit close to LA Click Here for Details

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Wednesday December 6, 2017

Conyers Resigns

Conyers stepping aside as ranking Dem on House Judiciary Committee  Claims health reasons over scandal Click Here for Details

What is The FBI Hiding

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., has accused the FBI and Department of Justice of a  Congress preps contempt charges for FBI and DOJ who refuse to turn over documents Click Here for Details

Detroit Schools’ Annual Budget Balanced With Emergency Bailout Money

 For years, Detroit’s public school district overspent and sat in debt. However, Detroit’s reconstituted public school district is projected to have a small surplus in fiscal year 2018. … more

Taxpayers Shouldn’t Subsidize High Income Housing

 Michigan has a number of programs that try to make housing affordable to people that don’t have a lot of income. But stranger, Michigan has a program that subsidizes high-income housing, as well. … more

Hillbilly Hotties?

Hillbilly Hotties can keep showing their skin at work for now, a Washington judge ruledJudge upholds law allowing servers to wear bikinis Click Here for Story

What the…

 Why ARE we subsidizing terrorism? Click Here for Details

Your Money…Mueller’s Waste…

$7 million spent so far by Special Counsel Mueller why would he stop? Click Here for Details

Staying Power

 80s Band Depeche Mode is outselling today’s pop stars Click Here for Story

Investigate the Investigators

Mueller and his investigating minions need to be investigated for their wrongdoings Click Here for Details

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Tuesday December 5, 2017

Trump Collusion Just a Ruse

All signs point to law breaking by Obama Admin? Click Here for Story

Another Pension ‘Spike’ For Outgoing Teachers Union President

  MEA President Steve Cook suffered through policy defeat after policy defeat during his six-year tenure. However, the union still gave him a $23,000 annual raise in his last year that served as a boost to his state pension. … more

Crooked FBI?

FBI agent got Hillary off the hook? Click Here for Story

How Right-to-Work and the End of the ‘Dues Skim’ Killed the SEIU in Michigan

  In 2012, the Michigan branch of the Service Employees International Union representing home health care workers was riding high. It had 55,000 members, brought in $22 million annually and was able to spend nearly $3.5 million on politics. Then it all came crashing down. … more

Travel Ban Allowed

SCOTUS gives the go ahead for Trump Travel Ban Click Here for Details

Net neutrality is Anything But

FCC Chair shuts down celebrities Click Here for Story

Moore Gets Trump Support

Will this solidify Moores election to Senate? Click Here for Details

President CAN’t Obstruct Justice

Trump Admin attorney speaks up Click Here for Story

Playing Dirty

Doug Jones candidacy intimidating voters? Click Here for Details



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