Wednesday August 15, 2018

Democrat Still Wants Superdelegates?

Even though superdelegates helped Hillary dismiss Bernie supporters choice Click Here for Story

More Terror in London

Another terrorism act near Parliament Click Here for Story

Progressives Not Well Received

In Michigan Progressive candidates haven’t fared well this year Click Here for Story

Medicaid Dues Skim May Come To An End, After All

Friends, relatives of disabled individuals among those swept into public sector unions

Investigate Antifa?

Secret Service now looking at Antifa group after threats Click Here for Story

Short Defense?

Manafort legal team rests without calling witnesses Click Here for Details

Blame Brennan

  Trump hater John Brennan was the quarterback of the Trump Russia Collusion investigation? Click Here for Story


Omarosa getting mocked by late night liberal comedy hosts Click Here for Details


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Tuesday August 14, 2018


FBI fires Peter Strzok Click Here for Details and Video

Municipal Governments Blame State For Their Property Tax Hikes

A presumption that state assistance should only go up

Abusive Ellison

DNC co-chair Keith Ellison hit with major abuse allegations days before important primary electionDNC co-chair hit with domestic abuse allegations Click Here for Story

Google Tracking You

How deep does this tracking go? Real deep Click Here for Details

The Democrat Agenda?

 Just get Trump nothing else Click Here for Story

Who Could Be Behind the Tesla Privatization Move?

Elon MuskMaybe its the Saudis looking to help Elon Musk Click Here for Story

The Real Collusion

DNC contractor Fusion GPS was representing the Kremlin? Click Here for Story

Unions Fight SCOTUS Appointment

SEIU lobbying hard against Kavanaugh  for SCOTUS Click Here for Details

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Monday August 13, 2018

Clinton Collusion

Clinton campaign colluded with all levels of the FBI and DOJ? Click Here for Story

Time to Call Antifa a Terror Group

VIDEO: Violent Antifa protesters physically attack NBC reporter, beat down police officerReporter and Police attacked by leftist group Click Here for Story

…And NBC Ignores the Story

No coverage of their own crew’s experience Click Here for Details

Mattis on Board

General now supports new Space Force Click Here for Details

Can Sessions Step Up?

 US Attorney General talks the talk but can he walk the walk? Click Here for Story

Disgusting Antifa

As un-American as it gets Click Here for Details


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Sunday August 12, 2018

Socialist Walk Back

Bernie Sanders says he misunderstood latest Medicare For All study Click Here for Details

94 Hours A Week: Presumed Load For This Financial Manager Of Three Michigan Cities

He’s collecting six-figure salaries from two of those metro-area municipalities

Awesome Record

Michigan rower crosses Atlantic? Click Here for Story

Hypocrite Socialist

Twitter exposes Ocasio-Cortez’s hypocrisy with old tweet after she accuses Shapiro of ‘catcalling’Democrats new face shows her own hypocrisy Click Here for Details

Ever The Idiot

Kasich: Ohio race results a message to Republicans to ‘stop the chaos’RINO Kasich still doesn’t understand politics Click Here for Story

Social Media Bans Don’t Work?

Facebook and Twitter Ban isn’t stopping Alex Jones and others Click Here for Details

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The Drift Radio Show August 11, 2018

The Drift Radio Show August 11, 2018

Join host Gary Wellings as he discusses Michigan Primary election results and news of the week Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday August 11, 2018

Still Not Soft on Korea

North Korea anger at US means pressure is still on Click Here for Story

First Female Border Patrol Chief

Another first for the Trump Admin Click Here for Story

‘Goliath’ Unions Complain About ‘David’-Sized Think Tanks’ Worker Outreach Campaign

State-based think tank movement informing public employees they can stop paying union fees now

Media Gets Triggered

Newspaper Editor calls for coordinated attacks against the President? Click Here for Story

Jordan Accuser Backtracks?

No knowledge of abuse Click Here for Story

Tough on Turkey

Trump doubles tariffs on TurkeyTrump Admin doubles tariffs on Turkey Click Here for Story

This Hurts Turkey

US back in the game? Click Here for Details

Ignorant Dems?

Large majority of Democrats falsely think Manafort trial is related to collusion Click Here for Details

China Blinks?

A worker at the China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec) Yanshan refinery escorts journalists in Beijing.Drops Oil from tariff list? Click Here for Story




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Friday August 10, 2018

Space Force

Up and running by 2020? Click Here for Story

Michigan Union Still Pursuing Dues From Teachers Five Years After Right-To-Work

But under new U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the union may also be messing with their constitutional rights

Senate Priority?

Secret recording reveals why some House Republicans haven’t tried to impeach Rosenstein yet No impeachment of Rosenstein until SCOTUS pick is approved? Click Here for Details

NOT Soft on Russia

Trump Admin sanctions on Russia will get even worse Click Here for Story

Mueller in Trouble?

Case is going nowhere? Click Here for Story

Islamic Terror Camps…In the USA

Compound Searched-Children Removed   Muslim arrested …training children to shoot up schools Click Here for Details

The Sky Is Falling

 Trump Derangement System hits Michael Moore Click Here for Details


Workers listen as US President Donald Trump speaks about trade at US Steel's Granite City Works steel mill in Granite City, Illinois July 26, 2018. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)Economy unfazed by tariff actions? Click Here for Story


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Thursday August 9, 2018

The Dirt Is Finally Coming Out

New emails are showing FBI corruption and its own ties to Russia? Click Here for Story

NMU Wants $4,600 to Look Up and Send Salary Data

It’s online at U of M; in new state budget, Northern Michigan University gets $47,998,400

China’s War on Christianity

Chinese President Xi’s regime intensifies crackdowns on ChristianityIts not just Islamic extremists waging war on Christians Click Here for Details

News Story

$8.4 Million Per Year for U-M Diversity Employees

Of nearly 100 full-time ‘diversicrats,’ 26 get more than $100,000 Click Here for Details

Grasping at Straws

Dems see wider path to House after tight Ohio raceDemocrats spin another loss as prelude to “Blue Wave” ? Click Here for Story


Democrats blaming Green Party space alien for Ohio loss? Click Here for Details

Build the Damn Wall

Illegal released from Sanctuary City raped a child Click Here for Story

Yes Build It!

 How many illegals apprehended at Wall? Click Here for Details

Pelosi Admits Democrats Want to Help Illegals

Nancy Pelosi gavel (Chip Somodevilla / Getty)Voting for Democrats gives illegals leverage ? Click Here for Story

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Wednesday August 8, 2018

Election Results for Michigan

Latest results for Michigan races and proposals Click Here for Details


Twitter and Facebook bans of Alex Jones is a slippery slope that’s just starting Click Here for Details

Jackson County Tells Voters To Show ‘Love’ For Parks

Michigan pretends to ban taxpayer-funded electioneering, local governments pretend to comply

Fake Assassination Attempt?

Or were explosions accidental? Click Here for Story

Who Is Bruce Ohr

 Rep Nunes says there is more info coming out from FBI corruption investigation Click Here for Details and Video

Europe’s Heat Wave

Its not about what the climate scammers are telling you Click Here for Story

Ignoring  Real Collusion

Who Really Broke Hillary’s campaign AND the FBI? Click Here for Details




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Tuesday August 7, 2018

Primary Day!! Remember to Vote!!

The Daily Drift is proud to endorse Patrick Colbeck for Michigan Governor

Pressuring Iran

Trump Admin imposes first sanctions in Iran since end of deal Click Here for Story

Superintendent Accused of Intimidation Against Recall Petition Signers

School board president promises zero tolerance for ‘retaliation or harassment’

Intolerance Gets Violent?

Man who threatens Congressman Scalise’s family found with weapons cache Click Here for Story


Michigan race shows two parties on different trajectoriesMichigan shows Dems and GOP on radically different paths Click Here for Details

Feinstein’s Chinese Spy

Senator’s driver was a Chinese spy for 20 years Click Here for Story and Video

No Collusion

If there was it would have been leaked by now Click Here for Details

Saudis Expel Canadian Ambassador

Canada pushes too far with Saudis Click Here for Story



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