Tuesday April 25, 2017

100 Days In

Trump is a success by any standard Click Here for Story and Video

Wake-Up Call Helps Rural School Bloom

  A state label served as a wake-up call for one rural Southwest Michigan district. Today, its high school stands out as one of the top academic performers in the state. … more

Religious Policing

Coming to a town near you? Click Here for Story contributed by Pgh Expat

Taxpayer Funded Electioneering in Full Swing Before May 2 Tax Votes

  Dozens of school districts across the state will put property tax renewals or increases before voters next Tuesday, May 2. Many are delivering pre-election pitches that clearly advocate for a yes vote but nevertheless stay within the law by avoiding a forbidden phrase: “Vote yes.” … more

The Truth on O’Reilly Debacle?

Bill O’Reilly says the truth about harassment charges will leave listeners ‘shaken’ People may be shaken Click Here for Story

GOP Weak on Trump’s Wall

Ryan and McConnell don’t have guts to stand up for what the people voted for? Click Here for Details and Video


BART riders robbed by swarming gangs Click Here for Story

Bad Speaker?

Americans not happy with Speaker Ryan Click Here for Details

The Line Drawn in Border Enforcement

Trump admin has some real hardliners on illegal immigration Click Here for Story






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Monday April 24, 2017

France Has A Chance?

Le Pen has advanced to the runoff election, but still faces an uphill battle against Macron. (AP photos)Marine LePen heads to election with Macron in France Click Here for Story

Secretive Bidder Wins Pure Michigan Contract Over Transparent One

  For many years, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has always selected a friendly vendor to calculate the return on investment of its state tourism promotion funding effort (Pure Michigan), rather than seek bids from several possible choices.  … more

Democratic Slide

New poll shows support for Democrats is worsening Click Here for Details

NoKos won’t back down?

More threats from North Korea as US moves forces in Pacific Click Here for Story

Big Problem for Germany?

Germany filled with former Afghan fighters Click Here for Details

Hmmm ISIS Used Chemical Weapons?

 US says ISIS used chemical weapons near Mosul Click Here for Story

Fund the Wall

Improper Tax Credits given to illegals could pay for the wall? Click Here for Details


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Sunday April 23, 2017

Liberal Hypocrisy

March for science is anything but… Click Here for Story

Lib Infighting?

The union attempting to organize the national headquarters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the Muslim civil rights group has fired three staffers in an effort to undermine the labor group's bid. CAIR says the union is spreading  Union and CAIR fight over orgainizing Click Here for Details

Pension Funding Best Practices Remembered 

  State officials are ignoring a large number of best practices when it suits them in regards to the public school employees retirement system. … more

Mocking the Left

Watch: The Simpsons expertly mock & troll sensitive liberal college students in hilarious skitCultural TV Icon mocks the overly sensitive college campus Click Here for Details

Pot Calling the Kettle?

Kid TV host calls Trump Secretary picks unqualified? Click Here for Story

What are These Power Outages?

‘Totally surreal’: Blackouts hit LA, New York and San Francisco  Los Angeles also hit by power outages like San Francisco Click Here for Details

Protecting American Workers

Democrats and globalism was destroying America Click Here for Story



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The Drift Radio Show April 22, 2017

The Drift Radio Show April 22, 2017

Join host Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they discuss the latest Islamic terror attack in Paris, will it affect the French election and the inability of Islam to assimilate with western culture with callers Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday April 22, 2017


The Department of Justice on Friday reprimanded eight Justice Department cracks down on Sanctuary Cities Click Here for Details

Local Detours on US 23

Highway renovations will cause traffic issues Click Here for Story

Regulatory Swamp-Draining Gets Boost In Washington

  President Donald Trump has nominated George Mason University law professor Neomi Rao to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within the Office of Management and Budget.  … more

Ridiculous Journalism

Journalist wonders which is ‘more dangerous’ to Americans: ISIS or the NRA?  NRA more dangerous than ISIS Click Here for Story

Shut Down?

Trump Admin preps for possible government shut down Click Here for Details

Another Terror Attack in Netherlands

Knife wielding attacker shot by police Click Here for Story and Story

Power Outage in West

Massive loss of power in San Francisco Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

The Vulture Stone from Gobekli Tepe (left) which recorded a devastating comet strike (right)Giant comet hit earth in 10,950BC? Click Here for Details

Yes Islam IS Here

2nd Detroit Doctor busted for female genital mutilation Click Here for Story




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Friday April 21, 2017

Terror Hits France Again

Police: At least one police officer dead, two injured following incident in ParisAnother Islamic terror attack kills 1 Paris cop wounds another Click Here for Story

House Cleaning Time

EPA begins task of weeding out Obama’s folks? Click Here for Details

Flying Cars?

Are Americans AND Technology ready? Click Here for Story

Criminal Justice Reforms Signed Into Law, More Left to Do

  A set of 18 bills recently signed into law will improve public safety and put Michigan on the track to administer criminal justice more efficiently, but there is still more work to do.  … more

Government Shutdown or Obamacare?

Trump wants to get both done Click Here for Story and Video

This is Socialism

Venezuela seizes GM factory Click Here for Details and Video

Charging Assange?

Will Feds charge Julian Assange? Click Here for Story and Video

Will Latest French Terror affect Election?

 Days before election another terror hit could have big consequences Click Here for Details

Obama Behind Townhall Disruptions

Unprecedented trouble making by an ex-President Click Here for Story

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Thursday April 20, 2017

 If you missed last week’s Drift Radio Show catch it now Click on the Common Sense radio tab above

How to Destroy a Dynasty

 Murdoch kids are destroying Fox News Click Here for Details

Have Democrats Overplayed in Georgia?

Is Ossoff just a Dem hail mary? Click Here for Story

Trump Targets Visa Program

President Trump Visits Snap-On Tools In Kenosha, Wisconsin  Companies abusing visa program to get cheap labor Click Here for Details

Criminal Justice Reforms Signed Into Law, More Left to Do

  A set of 18 bills recently signed into law will improve public safety and put Michigan on the track to administer criminal justice more efficiently, but there is still more work to do.  … more

Official Collects Six-Figure Pay From Multiple Cities Simultaneously

  Accountant Carl Johnson has held down three high-level positions in three different cities at the same time — and collected hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in the process. … more

Who IS Behind Bill O’Reilly Leaving Fox?

Document suggests Media Matters is behind O’Reilly advertiser exodus Media Matters? Click Here for Story

Not Running?

Jason Chaffetz won’t seek re-election Click Here for Details

North Korea’s Expanding Arsenal

30 nukes and growing? Click Here for Story

Media Hates Trump? Yep

 89% of Media negative on Trump Click Here for Details

Gang Member Illegals

  AG Sessions will get MS-13 members out of the country Click Here for Story








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Wednesday April 19, 2017

Terror in Fresno

Another terror attack in US , 3 dead Click Here for Story and Video

Townhall Disrupters

Lib activists are simply doing what they do to shut down opposition to their anti-American views Click Here for Story and Video

What’s Old is New Again: Another Subsidy Program Being Considered by Legislature

  April 18 is tax day in America, and in Michigan it’s also the 22nd anniversary of a failed corporate subsidy program known as MEGA, or the Michigan Economic Growth Authority. … more

While Schools Try Fiscal Responsibility, Union Sets Up Protests

  Two school districts with a history of running budget deficits are encountering union demonstrations as they try to reach contract agreements. Clintondale and Richmond are operating without a current teachers contract as administrators and union representatives clash over compensation, working conditions and union perks. … more

Facebook Killer Commits Suicide

BREAKING: Steve Stephens, suspected ‘Facebook Live Killer,’ fatally shoots himself, police say Shoots himself after brief pursuit Click Here for Story

Democrat Carpet Bagger

Georgia Congressional candidate says its no problem that he doesn’t live in district he’s running for? Click Here for Details

Immigration Battlefield

Europe has become a battlefield Click Here for Story and Video

More US Carriers

  Two new US Navy battle groups head toward Korea Click Here for Story

The Next Gen Clinton

Left wants to push Chelsea Clinton on the American Public Click Here for Details

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Tuesday April 18, 2017


Gorsuch’s First Case

Religious liberty on the dockett Click Here for Story

Violence in Detroit

Mob beats people in downtown Detroit Click Here for Details

Awash In Millions In Government Subsidies, Solar Company Still Shuttered Michigan Plant

  The federal government cited Suniva Inc. as one of its success stories, saying the solar energy business future was so bright, “You got to wear shades.” About three months later, Suniva closed its Michigan plant. … more

Don’t Bring Back Granholm’s Tax Credit Legacy

   Michigan legislators are considering creating new targeted tax credit programs, a key part of former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s economic strategy.  … more

Dem Apology

Democrat lawmaker apologies for disturbing remark about Republican Click Here for Story

Pence Warns NoKos

Pence warns North Korea not to test Trump, US militaryDo not test the US military’s resolve Click Here for Details

Turkey Steps Backward?

Vote to give more power to the President of Turkey will continue the purge Click Here for Story

It’s About the Law

  Secretary Kelly says it isn’t, ICE deporting people its THE LAW Click Here for Details

Deep State vs Arpaio

Disgusting attempt to Jail former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Click Here for Story


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Monday April 17, 2017

AG Sessions and the Trump Era

Attorney General moves forward with Trump’s Law and Order policies Click Here for Details

Ask the Trooper

Traffic questions answered by Michigan State Troopers Click Here for Story

The Failing Business of Business Favors

 The state government spends a lot of money trying to create jobs in Michigan. Despite all of this spending, though, the programs don’t work and are rarely held accountable when they fail. … more

Time to Get Tough on the Left

Report: Secret Service investigating leftist professor who said ‘Trump must hang’Secret Service investigating professor who threatened President Trump Click Here for Details

VP Pence in South Korea

Pence lands in South Korea after failed missile launchLands in South Korea after failed North Korean missile launch Click Here for Story &  More on the Failed Launch 

Civil War in Berkeley?

Left gets violent with pro Trump forces Click Here for Details

Making a Dictator

Turks vote on giving even more power to its President? Click Here for Story

Record Tax Collection in US

And the government still spends more than it takes in Click Here for Details

Global Persecution

christiansAcross the globe Christians are being increasingly persecuted Click Here for Story


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