Tuesday January 2, 2018

The Trump Economy

Wages are growing again in cities with low unemployment Click Here for Story

New Year’s Resolutions for Real Reform

Some historical leaders famously wrote resolutions to help them achieve lofty goals. Even if they didn’t keep them perfectly, they probably came closer than if they had set their sights low. … more

More Deaths in Iran

Protests continue and violence seems to be increasing Click Here for Details

Whose Side Are They On?

Obama’s former employees siding with the Iranian government over the people Click Here for Story

Proving the Bible

Latest archaeological find in Israel seems to back up the Bible Click Here for Story

Financial Laws for 2018

5 changes for 2018 Click Here for Details

More Dirty Business from The Clintons

Clinton backer paid money to have women accuse The President Click Here for Story

UN Cowards

United Nations and Europe silent on Iranian protests Click Here for Story



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