Thursday January 4, 2018

Trump Comments on Korea Are Good

The president simply reminded the world of reality. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File)President is showing America is no longer bluffing Click Here for Story

State Senate Tightens Rules on Driver’s Licenses

 The state Senate passed a bill on Nov. 29 to continue a policy that keeps Michigan drivers from renewing their license if they have three or more outstanding parking tickets.  … more

Gun Grab?

Pennsylvania State Police urge those getting Medical Marijuana cards to give up their guns Click Here for Story

Bannon and President Fighting?

War of words or is Bannon hyping a book deal? Click Here for Story

FBI Irregularities?

Investigators are seeing that the FBI gave special treatment in Clinton investigation Click Here for Details and Video

Immigration Increases Violence?

New study shows violence increases with major influx of young immigrants? Click Here for Details

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