Friday January 5, 2018

They’re Back!

Justice Dept reopens Hillary email investigation Click Here for Story

GOP Loses Its Front Runner in Michigan Senate Race

Bob Young drops out of Senate race Click Here for Details

Truly Michigan

Michigan lighthouses can be beautiful in winter Click Here for Photos

The Numbers Are In: Detroit Charters Outperform Detroit District Schools

 An analysis released late last year suggests that students in Detroit charter schools attain a higher level of academic achievement on most subjects than their peers in the city’s conventional public school district. … more

Michigan Legislature’s 10 Most Revealing Votes of 2017

 Supporters of free markets had little to cheer for based on what Michigan’s 99th Legislature did in 2017. … more

Strange Twist to Bannon Trump Story

Steve Bannon offers show of support for Trump amid president’s threats of legal action against himOddly Bannon is supporting President despite book comments? Click Here for Story

Pot Stopper?

Is AG Sessions going to prevent pot legalization expansion? Click Here for Details


Epic Fail?

North Korean missile hits…North Korea? Click Here for Story

Bannon Benefactor?

Has Steve Bannon found a new investor? Click Here for Story  And Here for an Additional Story

Lack of Initiative?

Two Congressman call for a new AG as Sessions sits on hands? Click Here for Details

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