Friday January 12, 2018

FISA Renewed

House votes to re-authorize FISA spying with no reform? Click Here for Details

Enough of the “Craphole Countries”

President calls it like it is and the elite don’t like it Click Here for Story

Cool Winter Event

Belleville celebration does an “Ice Carousel” Click Here for Story

Michigan Well-Being Metric Stuck in ‘Balanced’ Position

  State-to-state migration may be the single greatest tool for comparing the quality of life in different states.  … more

Pushback on Off Shore Drilling

Coastal States not warming to off shore drilling Click Here for Details

Twitter Completely Biased

Long thought but now proven true Click Here for Story and Audio

Shadow Banning

Twitter caught red handed Click Here for Details

Sorry Climate Scammers

Cold is not caused by your global warming Click Here for Story


Singer Seal accuses Oprah of enabling Harvey Weinstein Click Here for Details

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