Saturday January 13, 2018

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Durbin a Liar?

GOP Senators don’t recall hearing the term shithole in meeting with Trump Click Here for Details

You Can’t be Racist Against a Country

Calling a country a shitole isn’t racist, its just true in some instances Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Tax Collectors Are Hauling It In

 The state of Michigan’s largest sources of tax revenue are projected to bring in $2.1 billion more during the current fiscal year than they collected just two years ago. … more

Know a Bad Deal When You See It

Laura Ingraham obliterates the proposed ‘Dreamer’ amnesty deal – here’s whyLaura Ingraham shows why the latest Senate immigration plan is garbage Click Here for Story

Democrat Plan to Replace US Voters

With falling popularity the Democrats have a new plan bring in new voters Click Here for Story


90% of workers likely to see increase in paycheck from new tax code Click Here for Details and Video

Forcing Immigration…On You

United Nations boss has plan to promote global mass migration to stop inequalities Click Here for Story



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