Sunday January 14, 2018


What would a government shutdown do? Click Here for Story

Democrats Kill DACA

Democrats refuse to negotiate and will cause DACA to die Click Here for Details

You Can Legally Warm Your Car Now

 Michiganders who usually idle their cars to warm them up before driving in the winter will be pleased to know they will no longer be breaking the law by doing so. … more

Bills Make It Easier For Private Marketing Bureaus To Force Dues on Businesses

  A package of bills introduced in the Michigan Senate in December could make it more difficult for local hotel and motel owners to refuse to pay levies as high as 5 percent of their revenue to private marketing bureaus.  … more

Is The Snowball Finally Rolling?

Feds announce indictment in massive bribery scheme connected to Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal First indictment in Uranium deal Click Here for Story

Hawaiian Mistake

False missile alert broadcast to state of Hawaii Click Here for Details

Well Well Who Agrees with President Trump?

Lack of condemnation from some parts of Europe that quietly agree with stopping immigration from bad parts of the world Click Here for Story

What Aren’t We Being Told About Vegas Shooting?

More info leaking but why is it being hidden? Click Here for Details

Britain is Lost

police Cultural Suicide looms as government tracks down those who make disparaging remarks about Islam Click Here for Story

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