Tuesday February 6, 2018

The Clinton Ties to Dossier

An entire national investigation was started by and paid for by Clinton Campaign Click Here for Story

Come or Go, Amazon’s HQ Decision Means Little to Michigan Economy

 Rock Ventures founder and chairman Dan Gilbert made a valid observation in response to Amazon’s decision to exclude Detroit and other Michigan bids from its short list of cities contending for its HQ2 project: “The fact is, nobody outside of Amazon knows exactly all of the factors that went into this complicated decision.” … more

City’s Politicians Strive To Beat The Clock Spending Federal Money 

 City council members scrambling at the last minute to think up a project so they can beat a deadline for spending $260,000 in federal money may not be the best example of good stewardship of tax dollars. … more


Philadelphia fans celebrate Super Bowl win by rioting in the streets and destroying their own city Philadelphia fans destroy property to celebrate Eagles victory? Click Here for Story

The Senate Will Bring More Info Out ?

Grassley pushes to reveal more about Steele criminal referralSteel Dossier author may face criminal charges? Click Here for Details

Draw Down in Iraq?

US forces to be reduced with success over ISIS Click Here for Story

The NFL’s Miscalculation

Eagles Super Bowl Ratings for Superbowl were the lowest in 8 years Click Here for Details

The Fall of California?

Just wait its getting even more liberal Click Here for Story and Video

Little Adam Schiff

 California Congressman is a major liar and leaker? Click Here for Details

Problems of Islamization

London getting war zone treatment Click Here for Story




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