Wednesday February 7, 2018

Falcon Heavy Flies

Successful and impressive launch of SpaceX’s new heavy booster launch system Click Here for Details and Video

Stop Worrying?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, Stock market is behaving normally after a big run up Click Here for Story

Debate Heated On Ending Police Keeping Seized Property With No Conviction

 State legislators are getting strong reactions for and against a bill to require prosecutors and police to get a conviction before they can keep money and property seized in connection with an alleged crime. Under current law, people can lose their property even if they are never prosecuted. … more

City’s Politicians Strive To Beat The Clock Spending Federal Money 

 City council members scrambling at the last minute to think up a project so they can beat a deadline for spending $260,000 in federal money may not be the best example of good stewardship of tax dollars. … more

Surprise Ruling in Cali

Forcing bakers to make gay wedding cakes violates free speech, California judge rulesCourt rules in favor of bakers in gay wedding cake case Click Here for Details

Memo? You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

Inspector General Horowitz Report on FBI will have huge repercussions Click Here for Story

Germany is Lost?

Refugee worker says she was wrong to welcome refugees to Germany Click Here for Details

Virus Outbreak at Olympics?

Military to help out Click Here for Story

Illegal Immigrant Kills NFL Star

Drunk driving accident takes life Click Here for Story



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