Thursday March 14, 2013

Is the Dexter Bear Back?

New prints found at Hudson Mills Park Click Here for Details

Belushi in Brighton

Jim Belushi bringing comedy team to Brighton Click Here for Story


Wayne State University: We Got A Deal; Take Our Word For It

University president says if faculty members don’t like the deal, ‘they can always quit’

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Wayne State University officials say the state’s right-to-work law helped the university get a better deal from its faculty union. However, university officials don’t specify what they actually got in return… more

Teacher Says She Qualifies For Food Stamps; School Salary Schedule Suggests Otherwise

Five-year teacher would make at least $41K per year with full benefits and pension

By Tom Gantert | 3/13/2013

A Grand Rapids Public Schools teacher says she qualifies for food stamps and that she could make more money as a substitute teacher, but her claims don’t hold up to scrutiny.  … more

Union Conservatives On Right-to-Work

Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential: Play Video Below


How Could This Happen?

Chinese National employed by NASA took huge amounts of information to Chinese Government Click Here for Story

Who Is the New Pope



Pope “Francis”  named in Rome Click Here for Details



GOP House Votes Against Obama Welfare to Work Waiver

Obama Admin wanted to give waivers so people wouldn’t be forced work or prepare for work Click Here for Story

Fighting Back



San Francisco ad campaign aims to fight back at Islamist group CAIR Click Here for Details


Are Your Finances Being Looked At?

Obama Admin wants spy agencies to be able to look at American citizen’s finances Click Here for Story

Obama Won’t Balance Budget?

Spending Trillions we don’t have seems to be ok with the President Click Here for Details and Video

Virtual Air Domination?

China expanding an already huge drone program Click Here for Story

Strong Message


All GOP Senators vote to defund Obama Care and send a united and strong message Click Here for Details



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