Sunday August 23, 2015

Tesla Charging Station

A2 gets supercharger station for Tesla cars Click Here for Details

Dirty “Anonymous” Secrets?

Gamrat looks to investigate who tried blackmail? Click Here for Story

  A Michigan Public Radio story about a short-term spike in fatal car crashes didn’t mention a 50-year trend that has seen dramatically lower overall traffic death rates. … more

Hillary’s Second Server?

Timeline points toward existence of a second server Click Here for Story

Bad Priorities: Time to Shut Down the EPA

A settling pond is used at Cement Creek, which was flooded with millions of gallons of mining wastewater, on August 11, 2015 in Silverton, Colorado. The Environmental Protection Agency uses settling ponds to reduce the acidity of mining wastewater so that it carries fewer heavy metals. (Theo Stroomer/Getty Images)EPA knew of risk from mine spill and did nothing to prevent it while doing everything to shut down electric production facilities Click Here for Details

Biden Warren Ticket?

  VP Biden holds meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren Click Here for Story

Smart Move Bobby

  Governor Jindal makes Planned Parenthood Activists watch the videos of baby parts harvesting Click Here for Story and video

American Heros

  French hail Americans who stopped train attack Click Here for Details

Boehner’s Planned Parenthood Ties?

  Boehner aide is sister of Planned Parenthood CEO and resigns to join lobbying group Click Here for Story and Video

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