Sunday November 29, 2015

MSU Excels

Big Ten East Click Here for Details

Thanksgiving Dinner More Expensive This Year for Michiganders Than Surrounding States

Using electricity to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner was more expensive in Michigan this year than it was in surrounding states.  … more

Trump Shows Another Side

Tells crowd to be nice to protestor Click Here for Details

This is Islam

Youssef Z. Omar (Image source: Columbia Daily Tribune)  Man slaps and drags girl from school for not wearing hijab…in Missouri Click Here for Story

All About Obama

  Despite facts Obama goes to Paris for his false legacy on Climate Change Click Here for Details

The Dangers of Taking Refugees

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud   Paris attacker boasts of sneaking in as refugee Click Here for Story

A Common Sense Democrat?

  Rising Dem star is breaking with the Dems on many issues Click Here for Details

Gun Grabber in Chief

  Obama using another shooting for his agenda Click Here for Story

The Real Problem with Crime Against Blacks

Suspect in Murder of Boy ABC 7  Black on black crime ignored by activists looking for power Click Here for Details

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