Saturday December 23, 2016

Christmas Eve!

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Obama Throws Israel Under the Bus

Obama allows United Nations to condemn Israeli settlements  Allows UN Security Council to pass resolution condemning Israel Click Here for Details

Berlin Attacker Killed

Shootout in Milan Italy Click Here for Story

Disturbing Behavior

U of M employee was the passenger dragged off Delta flight Click Here for Story

Putin Hits Democrats as Sore Losers

Putin: Democrats ‘need to learn to lose with dignity’ And sends Christmas wishes to President Elect Trump Click Here for Details

Union Gave Teachers Pay Cut To Keep Compulsory Dues Coming

  A recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision held that the Taylor public school district and teachers union colluded to cut employee pay to benefit the union itself, not its members. … more

Trump Has Message for UN

Trump warns UN after Israel vote: 'Things will be different' soonAfter disgraceful vote against Israel Trump gives UN a warning Click Here for Story

Be Careful Over Christmas

ISIS militantsFBI gives warning about ISIS attacks threatening church goers over the holiday Click Here for Details

Putin Not Worried About Trump Nuke Comments

Not surprised that Trump wants to strengthen US capabilities Click Here for Story and Video

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