Monday December 26, 2016

What Ev!

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest expressed annoyance that President Obama doesn't get enough credit for being the "most transparent" president in history. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)Josh Earnest still says Obama Admin is transparent? Click Here for Details

Can Lions Clinch Playoff Spot?

Playing at Dallas won’t be easy Click Here for Story

Defund the UN

Ted Cruz takes a stand: Defund the United Nations over their anti-Israel resolution Senator Cruz says its time to defund the United Nations Click Here for Details

Israel Not Happy with US

Israel summons US ambassador over UN voteSummons US Ambassador Click Here for Story

Israel Halts UN Funding

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) told President Obama (C) that Israel was not considering a full-scale invasion, as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas remains wary. © Tim Sloan  United Nations will pay a price for its Anti-Semitism Click Here for Details

Press Corp Changes

What will change with the Trump Admin Click Here for Story

Russian Plane Crash

92 lost in plane crash in Black Sea Click Here for Details

Harvard Goes Islamic?

Launches fellowships to study Islamic advocacy?  Click Here for Story


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