Thursday December 29, 2016

Kerry Blasts Israel

Touts the unrealistic Obama solution that won’t heal the MiddleEast Click Here for Story

Netanyahu’s Response

Benjamin Netanyahu responds to John Kerry and the outgoing Obama administration in fiery speech Israeli PM lashes out at Kerry and Obama Admin Click Here for Details

You’ve Got to Be Kidding?

Deutschland Angela Merkel Kanzlerin der FlüchtlingeBig majority of Germans still don’t blame Merkel immigration for terrorist attacks Click Here for Story

Another Diesel Disaster?

FCA named in another diesel lawsuit Click Here for Story

Bullying Failed, So Teachers Union May Try Honey To Attract Dues Payments

 Four years after Michigan’s right-to-work law was passed, the state’s largest teachers union appears to be taking a different response to the fact that school employees no longer have to pay union dues or fees. … more

Stoking War

White House could announce retaliation against Russia Thursday: reportObama might announce retibution against Russia for alleged election interference Click Here for Story

Legislature Reins In Judges’ Power to Deny Parole

 In Michigan, judges have the power to step in and deny parole to prisoners whose trials they adjudicated. Until now, this veto power also extended to a “successor judge” — the one who replaced the judge who handed out a prisoner’s original sentence. … more

Congress Moves to Cut UN Funding?

The U.N. Security Council votes to condemn Israel for establishing settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. In a striking rupture with past practice, the U.S. allowed the vote / AP Anti-Israel vote puts Congress at odds with Obama and the UN  Click Here for Story

You Can’t Be Jewish and Democratic?

Secretary Kerry’s speech had some real pathetic comments Click Here for Details and Video

Democrats Also Not Happy with Obama Stance on Israel

 Senator  Majority Leader and  other Dems disagree with Obama foreign policy decision Click Here for Story

Boko Haram Jihadists

A child with a gun sits in a car on June 09, 1994 with Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) partisans patrolling the streets of Kigali, Rwanda. The UN headquarters came under attack as fierce fighting raged in the capital on June 09. (Photo credit should read ABDELHAK SENNA/AFP/Getty Images) Boko Haram teaches child soldiers how to rape Click Here for Details

A Serious War on Crime

Duterte says he tossed kidnapper out of helicopter, threatens to do same with corrupt officialsPhilippine President Duterte threw kidnapper out of helicopter says he’ll do the same with corrupt officials Click Here for Story

Jihadis in Latin America

Report says jihadists are prepping in Latin America to attack the US Click Here for Story

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