Wednesday February 15, 2017

General Flynn Steps Down

Retired SEAL and Vice Admiral takes interim spot as National Security Adviser Click Here for Story and Video

Parole for White Boy Rick

Detroit’s infamous drug dealer may finally have a shot at parole Click Here for Story

Family Finds Online School to Be a Lifesaver

  The Smith family in DeWitt has endured more than its share of challenging circumstances. But having access to an online charter school has been a great help. … more

Scofflaw School Districts Ignore Merit Pay Law, Face No Sanctions

  Throughout the state of Michigan, public school districts are ignoring a 2010 law that mandates they provide merit pay to teachers. … more

No Justice

Hijab-wearing student who concocted hate crime hoax after Trump election won’t face chargesMuslim who hoaxed a hate crime avoids charges Click Here for Details

Media Blowing Up Admin Leaks

Not even close to the truth Click Here for Story an Video

California Ignored Oroville Dam Needs

The California Department of Water Resources increased the amount of water being discharged from Lake Oroville in anticipation of storms later this week as well as snowmelt this spring, but criticism about neglect of the 50-year-old dam continues to flood the office of Gov. Jerry Brown. (Associated Press)Instead it spend billions on illegals immigrants Click Here for Details

House Cleaning is Well Overdue

Michael Flynn  Obama loyalists managed to leak and oust General Flynn? Click Here for Story

Who Are The Leakers?

 Senator wants to know who in the intel community is leaking Admin info Click Here for Details

What is The Organization for America?

Is Obama’s political action group funding protests? Click Here for Story

California Ignored Dam Problems

State government knew of problems for 12 years Click Here for Details

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