Friday February 17, 2017

Trump Puts Media in Its Place

Out of control media gets stung at President’s press conference Click Here for Story

Washtenaw County ‘s Wealthiest Zip Codes

  Top 14 zip codes Click Here for Details

School Hosts Advocacy Session for Tax Hike in Front of Students

During school hours, in front of students, Vassar Public Schools held an event which explicitly advocated for a school millage request.  … more

Mainstream Media Paying the Price

ABC News analyst: Trump ‘shutting down’ part of First Amendment by not calling on mainstream outletsTrump Admin puts big media behind smaller news outlets because of their bias and fakenews  Click Here for Story

Official ‘Bias Response’ Enforcers Stifle Michigan Universities

  Three of Michigan’s top public universities have what they call “Bias Response Teams,” which means around 121,000 college students in the state are subject to what often can be an arbitrary review of free speech by school administrators. … more

Trump Picks New Labor Nominee

Alexander Acosta is President’s new Labor pick after Puzder bows out Click Here for Story

Flynn Was Targeted

 And shows how the intel community has been politicized by Obama and the Democrats Click Here for Details

Trump Approval Ratings Up!

Entrenched government elitists failing to stop Trump Click Here for Story

Border Wall Will Save Money

Could save taxpayers up to five times its cost Click Here for Details

Soros Behind Upcoming Tax Protest?

Global financier George Soros during the 2nd European Roma Summit in Cordoba, Spain Thursday April 8, 2010. The meeting is to promote policies in favor of the Roma population. (AP Photo/Miguel Angel Morenatti)The Emperor of Evil stretches his tentacles into upcoming tax day protests? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

The Eath’s hidden continent Click Here for Details


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