Tuesday April 4, 2017

Well,Well, Well, Who Was Behind Unmasking?

Looks like Susan Rice may have been Obama’s heavy in spying on Trump campaign Click Here for Details     And Here for More Info

Oddly Silent

 Congressman Adam Schiff now silent on spying charges after seeing evidence at White House Click Here for Story and Video

Michigan Already Awash in Business Subsidies

  Based on their historical performance, economic development programs are more about press releases than jobs. … more

Phony Democrats

Gorsuch obstructionism is all fakery by the Democrats Click Here for Story and Video

Stop Fear Mongering

Senators on both sides of the aisle are needlessly worried about the nuclear option Click Here for Details

Terror in St Petersburg Russia

The mangled doors of the Metro train on which the bomb exploded Explosion on subway Click Here for Story and Video

Isis hopes the list will inspire brutal ‘lone wolf’ attacksISIS Death List

ISIS reveals list of Americans they want dead Click Here for Details

Noko Threats

  North Korea is threatening Nuke action? Click Here for Story

Somali Refugee Rapes Elderly Man

And murders woman…Click Here for Details

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