Sunday April 9, 2017

Enforcing the Law

As promised, immigration police have expanded their campaign to deport illegals with criminal records, announcing the seizure of 368 illegals in seven states and Washington, D.C. (Nancy Stone/ Chicago Tribune)Illegal immigrant arrests jumping 250% as ICE is allowed to do its job Click Here for Story

Bad Day for Delta

Hundreds of Flights canceled Click Here for Story

Don’t Force Charter Schools Into State Pension Plan

  Charter school teachers do not benefit at all from the state’s pension system. That’s because they are typically offered 401(k)-type, defined contribution retirement benefits that do not create any liabilities for future taxpayers. … more

Push It

Ted Cruz issues dire ‘nuclear’ warning to partisan DemocratsSenator Ted Cruz has a warning for Obstructionist Dems Click Here for Story

Trump Explains Syrian Strike to Congress

Trump sends Congress letter explaining Syria strikeSends letter to Capitol Hill Click Here for Details

Warning to North Korea

Kim Jong-un and Donald TrumpTrump team suggests nuclear capability for South Korea to deter the North? Click Here for Story

Nikki Haley Has Words for the Russians

Incompetence or played for fools by Assad on chemical weapon use in Syria Click Here for Details

Ron Paul on Syria

‘They’re terrified that peace was going to break out’ – Ron Paul on US Syria strikeBetting globalist warmongers are behind this? Click Here for Story

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