Saturday April 15, 2017

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Pentagon Worries About Grid Attack

And yet Congress does nothing Click Here for Story and Video

Morel Mushroom Time

Early harvest may be in order for Michigan’s MOrel Mushroom harvest Click Here for Details

State Should Review Supreme Court Pay

  The Legislature has not approved any pay increases for Supreme Court justices for the last 15 years. They should reconsider. … more

Expecting People to be On Time is Racist?

Clemson University: Expecting people to show up on time is racistClemson University’s inclusion awareness course shows the stupidity of today’s Universities Click Here for Details

MOAB Terrorist Death Toll Rises to 94 Terrorists 

No civilian casualties Click Here for Story    (this story has been updated) 

True Cost of MOAB

MOAB bombThe left really wants to inflate costs and lie about the bomb used in Afghanistan Click Here for Details  (this story updated)

The Future of France

A combination photo shows five candidates for the French 2017 presidential electionWill French choose survival with Marine LePen? Click Here for Story

China Worries Over US and North Korea

 Tensions need to be reduced can China intervene? Click Here for Details

Hypocrite Pelosi

  Money to prevent suicide because every life is valuable… except for the human fetus Click Here for Story 

Sheer Crazyness

 Huffington Post talks about denying white men the right to vote? Click Here for Details

A Fresh Look at IRS Abuse

Lois Lerner  GOP wants a second look at the IRS scandal Click Here for Story




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