Monday April 17, 2017

AG Sessions and the Trump Era

Attorney General moves forward with Trump’s Law and Order policies Click Here for Details

Ask the Trooper

Traffic questions answered by Michigan State Troopers Click Here for Story

The Failing Business of Business Favors

 The state government spends a lot of money trying to create jobs in Michigan. Despite all of this spending, though, the programs don’t work and are rarely held accountable when they fail. … more

Time to Get Tough on the Left

Report: Secret Service investigating leftist professor who said ‘Trump must hang’Secret Service investigating professor who threatened President Trump Click Here for Details

VP Pence in South Korea

Pence lands in South Korea after failed missile launchLands in South Korea after failed North Korean missile launch Click Here for Story &  More on the Failed Launch 

Civil War in Berkeley?

Left gets violent with pro Trump forces Click Here for Details

Making a Dictator

Turks vote on giving even more power to its President? Click Here for Story

Record Tax Collection in US

And the government still spends more than it takes in Click Here for Details

Global Persecution

christiansAcross the globe Christians are being increasingly persecuted Click Here for Story


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