Friday May 12, 2017

Panic on the Left

Liberals panic over rumors of Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring Click Here for Story and Video

Legally Innocent, Yet Behind Bars

  Most people in jail are not convicts, but rather people awaiting trial. And most of those pretrial inmates are there because they cannot afford to pay bail. … more


Watch: 13-year-old Pakistani boy has his hand chopped off after asking for wages Pakistani boy gets his hand cut off for asking for his wages? Click Here for Details

Hillary’s Insider Now Running the FBI?

Contradicts White House statements on Comey and shows how entrenched the swamp truly is in Washington Click Here for Details

You Pay for Segregation?

public domain/Library of Congress, YouTube screenshot/University of Colorado Boulder Taxpayers fund segregation at public University? Click Here for Story

Sanctuary Crackdown

33 states considering crackdown on Sanctuary for illegals Click Here for Details

Trump WAS Wiretapped

 Media not covering says Sen Rand Paul Click Here for Story

Proof Against Hillary

 Bangladeshi  Prime Minister says she was pressured to donate to Clinton Foundation by Hillary as Secretary of State Click Here for Story

Philippines vs China?

Philippines moves troops, supplies to disputed S. China Sea island claimed by BeijingPhilippines moves troops to island claimed by China Click Here for Details


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