Saturday May 13, 2017

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Comey Says NO?

Fired FBI Director declines invitation to talk to Senate Intel committee Click Here for Details and Video

When is A Conservative Paper NOT  Conservative Paper?

When its the Detroit News… Click Here for Slanted Media Bias 

False Assertions Abound about Green Energy Program

 Expanding customer choice is a worthy policy goal. I expect, therefore, that DTE will now join me in pushing for the repeal of Public Act 286’s onerous restrictions on customer choice in electricity providers and demand the deregulation of Michigan’s electricity markets. … more

Hollywood Punishes Christians?

One actor’s faith doesn’t stand well with Hollywood controllers? Click Here for Story

Who Will Replace Comey?

Four possibilities Click Here for Details

California Rebellion?

Anti-Tax movement growing against California’s socialism Click Here for Story

NSA Backfire

Ransomware hits globally based on NSA material ? Click Here for Details

Thanks Again Obama

Iran flagrantly violating Obama’s treaty Click Here for Story

Journalists Out of Touch

America doesn’t care about Comey firing just the media does Click Here for Details


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