Tuesday May 16, 2017

Trump May Be the Smartest Cookie

His carrot and stick approach to North Korea may actually be the best solution Click Here for Details and Video

Rogers Interviews for FBI

Former Michigan Congressman in the running for FBI Director ? Click Here for Story

Michigan House Considers Constitutional Amendment to Protect Data

 Early this year, the Michigan House of Representatives began considering a measure that would give voters the opportunity to enact a state constitutional amendment to protect their data from warrantless searches and seizures. … more

Study Suggests Segregation Hurting Battle Creek Schools’ Budget

  The W.K. Kellogg Foundation stated segregation was harming Battle Creek Public Schools’ budget. But the state data shows the district gets more money per pupil than surrounding districts and is well above the state average. … more

The Pope and The President

Pope Francis reveals what he wants to discuss with Trump at their meeting What will be discussed between Pope Francis and President Trump Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Voter ID Law?

Appeal from North Carolina dismissed Click Here for Details

German Owners Lose Apartments?

Taken by government to house refugees? Click Here for Story

The Hack Continues

The cyberattack monitoring team at the Korea Internet and Security Agency in Seoul on Monday.  Latest Malware attack is spreading across the globe Click Here for Details


 Senators Grassley and Feinstein hint that Trump is not under investigation Click Here for Story

Scarborough Stupidity

Cable anchor shows the most ignorance yet Click Here for Story and Video

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