Friday June 9, 2017

Comey the Leaker

James Comey admits to leaking his memo to the Press Click Here for Story

Drama Queen

Ann Arbor Mayor turns to drama over illegals in the state Click Here for Details

Law Would Make Bringing Large Amount of Alcohol into Michigan a Felony

 If you’re planning a party this summer, don’t let an out-of-state relative offer to stock your bar. The Michigan House passed a set of bills that will create new civil and criminal penalties for individuals who bring too much alcohol into the state without a liquor distributor’s license. … more

How to Get a Property Tax Hike: Spend Big on Democratic Political Consultant

  Kent Intermediate School District paid a Democratic political consultant and public relations firm $123,890 as part of $275,000 campaign to get a property tax hike passed by voters in May. … more

The Real Crime

Comey: Lynch directed me to downplay Clinton email probe Comey Ordered to Downplay Hillary Emails by former AG Lynch Click Here for Story

Sessions Has Admin Confidence

White House: Trump 'absolutely' has confidence in SessionsMore fake news from media over talk of Trump Sessions issues Click Here for Details

Turning Point for Britain?

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa MayGeneral Election in Britain could spell end for the UK Click Here for Story

Comey Debunks Trump Russian Collusion

New York Times story was fake news and the Dems still hammer on it Click Here for Details

Programmed Self Esteem Issues?

Experts say AI/robots need to be programmed for anxiety Click Here for Story and Video

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