Tuesday July 11, 2017

Did Comey Leak Classified Info?

Looks like former FBI Director may have violated laws in his admitted leaks Click Here for Story and Video

Obamacare Hurting Competition

Federal regulations can damage the healthcare industry's bottom line in many ways. They limit the use and nature of telemedicine. Small, rural hospitals have struggled to achieve the efficiencies Obamacare demanded from them. Doctor owned Hospitals getting squeezed out by Obamacare issues Click Here for Story

Now That’s Service?

 Meijer stores will now deliver alcohol to your home? Click Here for Details

Elected Officials Stand to Get Thousands from Wind Deals If Zoning Approved

  Two current members of a Michigan county board that is considering zoning changes to allow wind farms have apparently entered into leases with a company developing a wind farm. … more

Politicians and media are celebrating the city of Detroit’s lowest unemployment rate in 17 years. But if the city had the same size labor force it did in May of 2010, its unemployment rate would be 21.4 percent. … more

President Cleaning House at VA?

Draining the swamp: Trump fires over 500 employees from an agency that he criticized last year500 employees being let go Click Here for Story

Global Warming Farce

New study shows global warming is  fantasy Click Here for Details

Billionaires Looking for Handouts

Billionaires want government subsidies to stay in business? Click Here for Story


  Ted Cruz proposes higher tax on rich to help healthcare? Click Here for Details

More Fake News

 New York Times guilty of spreading fake news too Click Here for Story

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