Wednesday July 12, 2017

Colleges Aren’t Helping

A Pew Research Center poll released Monday found 58 percent of Republicans believe colleges are having a negative effect on the country.Pushing non-value added degrees and liberal attitudes Click Here for Story

‘But For’ Can’t Be Proved: Corporate Welfare is a Waste

 State lawmakers are considering a new package of legislation that would provide fiscal favors to companies selected by Lansing bureaucrats for special treatment.  … more

Elected Officials Stand to Get Thousands from Wind Deals If Zoning Approved

  Two current members of a Michigan county board that is considering zoning changes to allow wind farms have apparently entered into leases with a company developing a wind farm. … more

Hypocrite Hollywood

NYPD officer slams Hollywood and BLM over silence on slain officer and mother And BLM get grilled by NYPD officer over the lack of support for LEOs  Click Here for Story

Healthcare Do-Over

Can the GOP make progress on repeal and replace? Click Here for Details and Video

No Putin Connection

Russian lawyer who me with Donald Trump Jr says there is no connection Click Here for Story and Video

Dirty McCain

Senator McCain getting questioned in fake rump Dossier? Click Here for Details

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