Thursday July 13, 2017

Can It BE True !??

Kid Rock tweets he WILL run for US Senate for Michigan Click Here for Website

Senate Half Assed or Serious?

McConnell says he’ll keep Senate in session but can they get things done? Click Here for Story

Christian Farm Family’s State Training Contract Canceled for Prayers, God

 A family of Lake City farmers lost its $20,000 state contract to teach low-income women how to grow and prepare food when officials terminated it because the curriculum mentioned God and instructors said prayers. … more

FGM Now a Felony in Michigan

Governor signs bill making FGM surgery a felonyin Michigan Click Here for Details

The Nothing Burger

No illegality in Donald Trump Jr case Click Here for Story and video

Trying to Stop a Pipeline

Attorney files complaint to stop Rover pipeline Click Here for Details


GOP chooses to keep Obamacare and screw the American people? Click Here for Story

Wray a Bad Pick?

 FBI Director choice may be another partisan hack? Click Here for Details and Video

Build the Damn Wall

Rep Steve King says funding the wall is more important than 3rd generation welfare or Planned Parenthood Click Here for Details

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