Friday July 14, 2017

Details of Latest GOP Healthcare

Leaves taxes on wealthy helps others? Click Here for Details and Video

Phony Run or The Real Deal

After rumors swirl Kid Rock says a Senate run is real? Maybe not?  Click Here for Story

Wind Farm Developer Responds to Michigan Conflict of Interest Questions

  A wind farm developer responds to concerns over conflicts of interest involving their project in Isabella County. … more

Questionable Job Claims, Patronage Perks Part of Pistons’ Move to Detroit

Another piece of what city officials, media voices and some others have characterized as a Detroit comeback story was made official yesterday when the NBA approved the Pistons’ return to the city after a 40-year hiatus. … more

Democrat Russian Collusion?

How did Russian lawyer get into US under Obama Admin? Click Here for Story and Video

Looks Particularly Suspicious

  Once again Dems accuse others of what they are guilty of? Click Here for Details

Benedict McCain

Shortly after the election, Sen. John McCain was attending a conference in Canada and spoke with a 'former senior western diplomat' who knew of the dossier's existence   Senator John McCain up to his unpatriotic shenanigans Click Here for Story

Obama Russian Connection 

Why did Obama let Russian lawyer into country? Click Here for Details and Video

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