Sunday July 16, 2017

What Would Korean Conflict Look Like?

Lots of casualties in South Korea for a start Click Here for Story

Michigan Bans Direct Tesla Car Sales, But Made Money Trading Its Stock

  The state of Michigan profited last year from trading shares of an automaker that isn’t even allowed to sell vehicles here. … more

Bwahaha  Idiot Dem

Tweet backfires on Dem strategist as he forgets Democrats history on Obamacare Click Here for Story

Healthcare Vote Delayed

McConnell delays healthcare vote over McCain surgery Click Here for Details

This Is Islam

Cowardly Islamic extremist stabs German women at Egyptian resort Click Here for Story

This IS The Swamp

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is pictured.GOP has to use money to buy healthcare votes in Senate just like Dems Click Here for Details

Voter Fraud is REAL

Dems scared as voters cancel voter registrations s in Colorado ahead of investigations Click Here for Story

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