Sunday August 6, 2017

Good Graces

Sessions seems to be back in step with President Trump Click Here for Story

Governor, Lawmakers Disagree Over Heavy ‘Vaping’ Regs

 A dispute between the governor and legislators means Michigan is the only state without taxes or regulations specific to e-cigarettes or vaping. Most states ban minors from buying or vaping e-cigarettes, while seven levy taxes on the product. … more

Tweet on Target

Jeb Bush hits Wasserman-Schultz with twitter one liner Click Here for Story

The Trump Economy

Economist says good economic news is due to Trump Admin Click Here for Details

IF the Left Tries to Remove Trump?

Civil war would be one of many ugly possibilities if the MSM and the establishment in DC continue trying to overturn US voter’s decision Click Here for Story

Conservatives Targeted

 Now Eric Bolling gets suspended over allegations Click Here for Details

Putting on The Leash?

Can China control North Korea before things get out of control? Click Here for Story

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