Tuesday August 8, 2017

Media Coup

Leftist media plans all out coup to destroy the people’s elected choice Click Here for Details

North Korean Sanctions

How did Trump Admin get the UN to play ball? Click Here for Story and Video

50 Years Later…

Communities still thinking about school segregation issues Click Here for Details

Trump Labor Secretary Joins Bipartisan Call for Licensure Reform

President Trump’s secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, called for states to reform their occupational licensing rules to encourage job creation. The Obama administration had also previously called for major reforms. … more

School Officials, Teachers Unions, Media All Complicit In Edu-Disinformation

  Teachers unions, public school administrators and the Michigan Department of Education have falsely portrayed the financial condition of public school teachers in an apparent effort to undermine reforms enacted by a Republican-controlled state legislature.  … more

Job Killer

$15 minimum wage will kill how many jobs? Click Here for Story

Celebrity Effect

Juan Williams: Trump and the new celebrity politics Politics aren’t the same anymore and Conservatives are learning from Democrats Click Here for Story

Where is the Comey Lynch Investigation?

Newly released emails show lying and cover up? Click Here for Story

NoKo’s Newest Threats

Not happy with US led UN sanctions Click Here for Details

Inconvenient Loser

Image result for al gore Al Gore’s newest Climate scam movie goes bust Click Here for Story

Foxconn to Michigan

Foxconn Technology Group Terry Gou (left) and Gov. Rick Snyder meet Saturday in the Chinese city of Shenzhen's Longhua district during Snyder's trade mission to China. Foxconn has announced that it is planning a second manufacturing plant, this one in Michigan. Another win for Trump Admin as huge plant to be built in Michigan Click Here for Details

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