Thursday August 10, 2017

Fair or Conflict of Interest?

Can attorney working Lynch investigating attorney be unbiased? Click Here for Story

US 23 Closure

Bridge work will close US 23 north of Ann Arbor Thursday night Click Here for Details

Election Season In Detroit, And Here Comes Another Transit Scheme

One candidate hoping to become Detroit’s next mayor has proposed a magnetically levitated transit system called “skyTran.” … more

Less Than A Year After Bailout, Detroit Schools Again Scramble to Stay Afloat

The Detroit public school district had to leave 300 vacant positions unfilled, sell $10 million in property, and use a one-time transfer of $15.7 million left on the “old” district’s books to keep from racking up another round of deficits and debt. … more

Gorka the Master

Watch: Gorka schools pair of MSNBC hosts on radical Islamic terrorism and leaves them speechlessDr Gorka schools foolish MSNBC liberals on the reality of Islamic Terrorism Click Here for Story

McConnell’s Failures

The GOP led Senate accomplishes nothing Click Here for Story

Starbucks Not Testing New Hires for TB?

 Hiring reg=fugees without testing for TB Click Here for Details

Mueller’s Fishing Expedition?

FBI raids Manafort’s home in July for bank records Click Here for Story and Video

More Scrutiny of McMaster?

More digging into the past of H R McMaster Click Here for Story


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