Friday August 11, 2017

Get Rid of Death Tax

The Family Business Coalition, an advocacy group for businesses, said Thursday that the economists had endorsed a reissued letter written by late Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman laying out the case for repealing the tax. Friedman, a conservative icon, criticized the estate tax on the grounds that it 700 economists endorse repealing of estate tax Click Here for Story

Election Season In Detroit, And Here Comes Another Transit Scheme

  One candidate hoping to become Detroit’s next mayor has proposed a magnetically levitated transit system called “skyTran.” … more


Maxine Waters issues shocking statement on ‘working’ with N Korea — Huckabee offers drastic solutionCongresswoman Maxine Waters wants to give North Korea anything they want Click Here for Story

Gotta Love POTUS

Thanks Putin for expelling US staff in Russia, saves US money? Click Here for Details

NoKos Want South Korea

korean war These nukes aren’t for defense Click Here for Story

Cuban Attacks?

A view of the Canadian Embassy in Havana. Global Affairs Canada says at least one Canadian diplomat in Cuba has been treated in hospital, after the U.S. said it believed some of its diplomats in Havana had been targeted with a covert sonic device.Odd problems for diplomats in Cuba Click Here for Details

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