Saturday August 12, 2017

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Peace Through Strength

If President Trump hates war as he suggests he does, then it's reasonable to believe and hope that his tough talk is a projection of force aimed at avoiding war. We may be witnessing a demonstration of Ronald Reagan's maxim, peace through strength. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)The Presidents tough words seem to be working for foreign policy? Click Here for Story

Taking the Pension Task Force to Task

  There is a well-established pension funding principle that was missing from the recently published report of the Responsible Retirement Reform for Local Government Task Force. The principle is that governments should pay for the promises they make to employees as they make them. … more

Changes in White House

Report: White House considering another administration ouster — this is who might be replacedIs Rick Perry moving to another post?  Click Here for Story

McConnell Out of Touch

Trump barrage stuns McConnell and his allies Senate Majority Leader stunned by Trump and the people’s outrage at his lack of accomplishments in the Senate? Click Here for Story

Caught:Voter Fraud

Student gets jail time for registering dead people for Democrats Click Here for Details and Video

The Venezuelan Option?

Could there be involvement of the US in Venezuela? Click Here for Story and Video

Trump’s Success on Immigration

Even without help from Congress DHS crackdown is stopping illegal immigration Click Here for Details

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