Wednesday October 4, 2017

More Gun Laws Won’t Stop Criminals

They already break current laws new laws won’t be followed either Click Here for Details

No Names in State Budget, But 36 Recipients Getting $38 Million

  Taxpayers cannot tell from reading the state budget that just went into effect which 36 organizations and municipalities are sharing $38.6 million worth of state tax revenue under a special one-time line item. … more

More State Oversight Needed for Government Assistance Programs

   heblaIt’s a tricky balance, determining how much government can help without discouraging people from working or investing in ways to improve their own lives. That’s why it’s important for Michigan to analyze the federal programs the state administers. … more

The Shooter’s Room

Video from inside the Vegas Shooter’s hotel room Click Here for Story

POTUS  Goes to Puerto Rico

Fast paced visit to see damage in Puerto Rico Click Here for Details and Video

Are Rumors of a Radicalized Vegas Shooter True?

ISIS claims so and now Sheriff admits possibility? Click Here for Story

Catalan Will Split Form Spain?

Report says yes Click Here for Details

Stop Chain Migration

Amnesty will not help America Click Here for Story


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