Thursday October 5, 2017

Beating the Anti-Gun Drum

A gun store employee demonstrates how a  Democrats look for a win against gun rights Click Here for Story

When to See Michigan’s Fall Colors

Latest weather patterns will change timing of leaf color change Click Here for Story

Happy Anniversary Tax Hikers

  Mark Twain is alleged to have said, “I saw an unusual thing today; it was a politician with his hands in his own pockets.” With the start of the new fiscal year this week, voters should pause and reflect on the umpteenth time Lansing politicians reached deeper into taxpayers’ pockets. … more

No Names in State Budget, But 36 Recipients Getting $38 Million

  Taxpayers cannot tell from reading the state budget that just went into effect which 36 organizations and municipalities are sharing $38.6 million worth of state tax revenue under a special one-time line item. … more


Michael Moore proposes change to Constitution that ‘repeals the ancient and outdated 2nd Amendment’ Michael Moore wants to end the 2nd Amendment Click Here for Story

More Fake News from Media

Reports that Rex Tillerson threatened to leave Trump Admin is FALSE Click Here for Details and Video

Who Funds “The Resistance”?

Yep many of the usual Anti-American suspects Click Here for Details

Who Was With Vegas Shooter

Hotel receipts show someone visited Paddock before his rampage Click Here for Details

Washington DC Truly IS Evil?

Former Security Official says there really are witches in the Federal government? Click Here for Story

What IS a Bump Stock

5 facts to know about Dems latest target Click Here for Details


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