Tuesday October 10, 2017

The Trump EPA

Repealing the obstrusive Obama era regulations is happening Click Here for Story

MSU Pulls Down Windmill Safety Guidelines After Industry Complains

  The Michigan State University Extension Service pulled from its website a model zoning ordinance for wind energy developments after industry executives and lobbyists complained that its safety standards would impede wind farm development. … more

Let’s Not Forget (Though the Media Wants You To)

The latest on Wasserman-Schultz IT scandal Click Here for Details and VideWon’t ok border security

Dems Won’t Compromise to Help Dreamers

Won’t ok border security funding in exchange for helping illegal immigrant children Click Here for Story

Immigration Reform

Trump Administration sends plan to Congress Click Here for Details

Hiding History?

The Left wants to erase history Click Here for Story

Running It Business Style

Government  cuts Federal jobs under Trump Administration Click Here for Details

Exposed! Corker Admission

GOP establishment IS trying to undermine the Trump and People’s Agenda Click Here for Details

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