Sunday October 15, 2017

Needing the Trough

FILE - In this May 18, 2017 file photo, the website is seen on a laptop computer, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)Insurers rush to Congress to get tax payer money back Click Here for Story

Union Labels Nonunion Employees ‘Welfare Scabs’ With Vulgar Photo on Company Property

 A union local’s desire to call out fellow employees who opt out of membership may conflict with company policy, one employee says. … more

FBI Caught Hiding Documents?

FBI reveals existence of documents related to Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting after they tried to hide themThere were documents from Lynch Clinton tarmac meeting Click Here for Story

Time to End the Establishment

Whether Dem or GOP its time to clean house in Washington Click Here for Details

Time to Punish Sanctuary Cities

Enough is Enough Click Here for Details

Korean Tensions Mounting Again

Threats ahead of naval drills Click Here for Story

Weinstein Booted

Motion picture academy  expels Harvey Weinstein Click Here for Story


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