Monday October 16, 2017

Can the Senate Do It’s Job?

Actions on healthcare puts pressure on the US Senate Click Here for Story and Video

No Longer Bastions of Free Speech

U of M students shout down Libertarian speaker Click Here for Story

Leave Children Alone

Pediatrician drops a bomb on idea that transgenderism is real — completely destroys it with truthTrying to help children “change gender” is just wrong? Click Here for Details

Get Our Tax Cuts Ready!

Conservative army bolsters Trump on tax cuts  Conservatives and tax payers support Trump Tax Reform Click Here for Story

The Complete Change of Europe?

Germans asking who is really being integrated? Click Here for Details

The Young Right in Austria

One of the world’s youngest leaders may now lead Austria? Click Here for Story

Out of Touch

Never Trumper John Kasich does not understand the American voter Click Here for Details and Video

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