Tuesday October 17, 2017

POTUS Meets Senate Majority Leader McConnell

President tries to rekindle relationship with Senator McConnell Click Here for Details


State of Michigan To Restrict Union ‘Ghost Workers’

  The Michigan Civil Service Commission recently voted to restrict a practice called “union release time” that allows state employees who are union stewards to do union work on state time. … more

How to Strike a Balance on Short-Term Rentals

  There’s a debate in the Legislature over what to do about short-term rentals. Identical bills in the House and Senate would allow for local regulations, but prevent cities from banning the rentals altogether. That’s a good move. … more


HS marching band members walk off field during national anthem; spectators reportedly curse at themHS Band walks off field during anthem, fans not happy Click Here for Story

Democrat Obstructionists

President slams Dems for stopping nominations Click Here for Details and Video

Killing the Truth

Journalist killed for revealing information to the public Click Here for Story  and Video

Ousting the Establishment

 Bannon on warpath with Ingraham in Arizona Click Here for Story



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