Sunday November 5, 2017

Really? Clinton Surprised?

Clinton camp surprised by Donna Brazile’s statements of corruption? Click Here for Story

DeVos: Fight for Students, Not Over Them

 U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos returned home recently to deliver the keynote address at the Acton Institute’s 27th anniversary dinner gala. … more

Only One Auto Insurance Reform Plan Worth Pursuing

 Two competing proposals have been introduced in the Michigan House that would reform auto insurance in this state.  … more

Smack Down

Video: Leftist teacher confronts student in tense political debate — student shuts her down with factsLeftist teacher gets slammed in political debate by student Click Here for Story

Will Senate Stop Tax Reform

Tax bill raises red flags for Senate GOPHints of problems for tax reform heading to Senate Click Here for Details

Rand Paul Assaulted

Neighbor problems, police called Click Here for Story

Saudi Purge?

Prince and others arrested in Sauid Arabia Click Here for Details

You’ve Been Warned

Ryan and McConnell get warning from Bannon on Amnesty Click Here for Story

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