Tuesday November 7, 2017

Air Force Error?

Texas shooter was able to buy gun die to Air Force Bureaucratic error Click Here for Story

The Ballot

Whats on the ballot for Washtenaw on Tuesday Click Here for Details

How to Solve Government Employee Retiree Health Insurance Costs

  Some local government officials have gotten their governments into a mess and cannot get out without help. They’ve promised retiree medical insurance to unionized employees and did not set aside money to pay for it.  … more

Insurance Reform Opponents Spin ‘No’ Votes; Drivers Just Want Rate Relief

 State Rep. Andy Schor said he agreed Michigan drivers “need relief from high auto insurance rates,” although his explanation for voting against House Bill 5013 warrants a closer look. … more

Ignorant Liberal

Actress Alyssa Milano caught spreading gun misinformation after Texas shootingAlyssa Milano shows her stupidity again Click Here for Story

Tax Reform

Can it be done Click Here for Story

Dirty Harvey

Weinstein hired spies to track accusers Click Here for Details

Saudis Ready for War?


Blaming Iran and Lebanon for causing escalated violence in region Click Here for Story

Bush Legacy Evaporating

What little there was of it … Click Here for Details


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