Wednesday November 15, 2017

End It

Senators Tom Cotton and Rand Paul to ask for Obamacare Mandate repeal in tax bill Click Here for Story and Here for More and video

Visteon Invests in Autonomous Vehicles

$5 million to Ypsi test site Click Here for Details

Teachers Union Head Gets Annual $92,000 Pension Bonus, Courtesy of Taxpayers

 Steve Cook started out as a para-professional teacher’s aide and turned that into a $103,227 annual pension due to a sweetheart deal his union worked out with his former school district. … more

Common Sense

Republican lawmaker supports Moore because American challenges are more important than allegationsGOP Rep says having Moore help fix the Senate is more important than simple allegations Click Here for Story

What About Sessions?

IS he or ISN’T he doing his job? Click Here for Details and Video

Going After the Leaks

27 open investigations into DC leakers Click Here for Story and Video

Traitor Ryan?

Paul Ryan Swamp Speaker afraid of another pro -Trump Senator? Click Here for Details



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