Saturday December 2, 2017

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GOP Will Get Tax Reform Done?

Even though there might be some additional national debt? Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Largest Teachers Union Funds Leftist Activist Group

  Progress Michigan bills itself as “a communications team and media hub for the entire progressive community.” But the composition of the group’s board and identity of some of its major contributors suggest that the liberal nonprofit is more of a communications team for government employee unions. … more

Are Any Left? 100 Years Of ‘Michigan Teacher Shortage’ Headlines

  For nearly 100 years, newspapers in Michigan have been reporting on a teacher shortage and pointing to low pay as the cause. … more

Going to Jail

Image source: YouTube screenshot Shot police officer taunts criminal that shot him Click Here for Story

What Are Actual Charges Against Flynn

Is this just a nothing burger hyped by liberal media? Click Here for Details and Video

Trump Lawyer Responds

Are any laws actually being broken? Click Here for Details

Not Getting Away with Murder?

DOJ issues arrest warrant for illegal who killed Kate Steinle Click Here for Story

The Best the Dems Have?

Liberal Kamala Harris is best bet for Dems Presidential candidate in 2020? Click Here for Story

What is Media Trying to Hide?

Flynn news just smoke to hide the fire? Click Here for Story and Audio

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