Sunday November 3, 2017

Democrats Party of Rich?

How does that figure in upcoming tax bill? Click Here for Details

Michigan’s Largest Teachers Union Has Lost 25 Percent of Its Members

  In a 2013 video, Steve Cook, then president of the Michigan Education Association, was asked what he expected for the union’s membership numbers under the right-to-work law just going into effect then. Cook said he wouldn’t be surprised if his union lost no members. Four years later, the MEA has lost 27,609 members. … more

Michigan Was Right to End Film Incentives

  In 2015, Michigan legislators voted to wrap up the state’s film subsidy program – with the last dollar being paid out recently.  … more

ABC Fake News

ABC News suspends Brian Ross for 4 weeks without pay for incorrect Mike Flynn storySuspends reporter Brian Ross over fake news and deletes tweets from ‘The View’ quietly deletes tweet peddling fake Mike Flynn news — but only after the damage is doneThe View Click Here for Story and Here for More Details

Biased Justice

Flynn gets hammered while Hillary gets away Click Here for Story

What Was Wrong with Steinle Case Jury?

Not sequestered and full of ignorant millenials Click Here for Story

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