Monday April 16, 2018

Of Course Not…

Tim Kaine and Mike PompeoSen Tim Kaine along with other obstructionist American hating Democrats won’t vote for Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State Click Here for Story

Michigan universities would get an additional $28.6 million from the state next year if they cap student tuition and fee increases below a certain rate. This year’s cap is 3.8 percent, and Gov. Rick Snyder has recommended the same for next year.

State budget officials recently projected a 2018 inflation rate of 1.7 percent, and 2.0 percent for 2019. So the rate set by lawmakers to reward universities for tuition restraint still lets these institutions raise prices on students by around twice the rate of inflation.

… more

The Wrecking Ball?

Here’s what FBI agents are reportedly saying about James Comey’s book — and it’s not goodFBI employees not happy with Comey’s book Click Here for Details


POTUS approval numbers hit highest yet despite the media and the left Click Here for Story

Bolton Evolves?

John Bolton seems to be evolving on Syria and the Middle East Click Here for Details

Opposing Sanctuary

California residents and local atuthorities revolting against Sanctuary supporting state government Click Here for Details

Whose Side is Booker On?

CAIR thanks Senator Booker for supporting Islam but not gay rights? Click Here for Story

Comey Admits Bias in Hillary Email Investigation

How did Comey handle Hillary Clinton differently? Click Here for Story

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Sunday April 15,2018

The New Republican Party?

Ryan lost the GOP to Trump ? Click Here for Story

Are Competition And Consumer Choice In Education Good Or Bad?

 A member of the Ann Arbor school board member recently opposed a proposal to allow more students who don’t live in the district attend its schools under the state’s Schools of Choice law.  … more

Well Done!

WATCH: Nikki Haley lays down law at UN meeting after Syria strike — and knocks Obama in the process Nikki Haley is spot on at the UN Click Here for Details

Comey the Slimeball

Did James Comey plan on Hillary winning to hide his actions? Click Here for Details


Russia warns of consequences for attack on Syria? Click Here for Story

Lack of Candor?

More Like lying Click Here for Details

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The Drift Radio Show April 14, 2018

The Drift Radio Show April 14, 2018

Join hosts Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka as they discuss the latest Missile strikes in response to chemical attacks and the raiding of the President’s attorney’s offices Click Here for Podcast

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Saturday April 14, 2018

Syrian Strikes

US, France and Britain launch missile attack on suspected Syrian chemical sites? Click Here for Details

Disreputable Comey

Trashing the reputation of the FBI Click Here for Story

State Law May Drive Job-Seeking Michigan Woman To Move Elsewhere

  Donna Williams grew up in Michigan, but is thinking about moving to Las Vegas because the licensing laws in her home state make it difficult for her to pursue her passion to work as a makeup artist. … more

Racism on the Left

Leftists shout down conservative black NFL legend at lecture for speaking against his ‘own people’Conservative African American NFL star shouted down for his views Click Here for Story

The Latest on Cohen Seizure

Trump attorney seeks injunction against seizure of records Click Here for Details

Approval Rating

Trump Approval rating holding at 50% Click Here for Details


Europe mulling robots as people? Click Here for Story

Attacking Syria

Is it illegal or not? Depends who you ask Click Here for Details

Democrat Agenda for 2018 Elections

Just impeach Trump no positive agenda Click Here for Story and Video

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Friday April 13, 2018

Who Will GOP Pick for Speaker?

Can a real conservative ascend to Speakership? Click Here for Details and Video

Is it Constitutional to Require Criminal Defendants to Fund Their Own Prosecution?

 Can criminal defendants be required to pay a portion of the costs of prosecuting them?  … more

For Each Gallon Of Water Michigan’s People Use, 288 Gallons Fall From The Sky

 For every gallon of water consumed by Michigan’s residents and businesses, 288 gallons fall upon the state as rain, in an average year. … more

Facebook is Racist

Zuckerberg hammered for censoring black female conservatives Click Here for Details

Pompeo Confirmation Hearings

Five things to watch in Pompeo's nomination hearing Things to watch Click Here for Story

Splitting Cali

One step closer to the possibility of breaking up the State of California? Click Here for Story

Record Tax Collection

Despite Tax Cut, Feds gather new record amounts of taxes Click Here for Details

Bowing to the Pressure?

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 23: U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein speaks at a press conference at the Department of Justice March 23, 2018 in Washington, DC. Rosenstein and other law enforcement officials announced a major cyber law enforcement action against nine Iranians charged with conducting massive cyber theft campaigns on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)Under threats from Congress Rosenstein gives first document to Intell Committee Click Here for Story



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Thursday April 12, 2018

Paul Ryan Retiring

Speaker announces retirement and no run for 2018 Click Here for Story

Money For Roads Doesn’t Go Where It’s Needed The Most

 In Michigan, the roads that are most traveled and most in need in repair are not a priority. … more

The Great Lakes Trough Truce

 The 2018 federal budget includes a block of money that goes to groups that do things in the Great Lakes. The Trump administration wanted to lower that funding. But 185 groups banded together to oppose any spending reductions. … more

Mueller’s Facism

Image result for mueller as hitler Raid on attorney’s office should worry everyone Click Here for Details

Can Russia Protect Assad?

Russia vows to shoot down any missiles sent toward Syria Click Here for Details

“Lying Jim”

Lying Jim Comey calls POTUS a mob boss? Click Here for Story

Yes Mitch Yes

 Senate Majority Leader McConnell to entertain cutbacks on Omnibus? Click Here for Story

Liberal Media Fail

No one cares about Stormy Daniels story Click Here for Details


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Wednesday April 11, 2018

POTUS Right Again

China comes to negotiating table on tariffs Click Here for Story

Witch Hunt Continues

102617 Correll Rod Rosenstein doesnt believe voters picNo Russian Collusion so Mueller probes looks for anything they can to protect the Deep State Click Here for Story

Detroit People Mover Maintenance Worker Paid $174,602 In 2017

 The highest-paid employee of the Detroit People Mover monorail train last year wasn’t the general manager. It was a maintenance employee who had a base salary of $57,220 but ended up collecting $174,602 in total. … more

Back To The Future With Renewable Energy Puffery

 Activists and businesses that profit from wind and other renewable energy sources often claim that these produce additional jobs, and that this is a benefit. … more

Mueller The Hypocrite

Mueller probing $150K donation to Trump from Ukrainian billionaire who gave millions to ClintonsInvestigation 2015 Trump for a $150k foundation donation even though Clintons accepted millions Click Here for Details

GOP Does Not Control the Senate?

Schumer pushes for protection for Mueller witch hunt Click Here for Story

Mueller Targeting Lawyers

America should be worried when government starts targeting your attorneys Click Here for Details  It’s UnConstitutional? Click Here for Story

Deadly Cancun

9 murders in 24 hours Click Here for Story

Zuck Testifies

Zuckerberg not under oath but legally bound to tell the truth or… Click Here for Details

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Tuesday April 10, 2018

Mueller’s Coup?

Image result for robert mueller ugly  Special Counsel raids President’s lawyer’s office Click Here for Story

Response to Syria?

Donald Trump on Syria chemical attack What will the US response be to further use of chemical attacks in Syria Click Here for Story

Study on Arkansas Tourism Campaign Should Make You Scratch Your Head about Pure Michigan

Does Arkansas’ tourism campaign provide more return on investment than Pure Michigan?  … more

Oklahoma Teachers Average $20,000 Less Than Michigan – And Are On Strike

Teacher pay rates have become a national conversation with public school employees in Oklahoma, West Virginia and Kentucky going on strike in the past week. … more

Well Well

BET founder, first black billionaire, says ‘something is going right’ with Trump’s economy BET Founder says Trump economy is doing something right Click Here for Details

Is an Apology Enough?

Zuckerberg to apologize in front of Congress Zuckerberg to apologize in front of Congress about privacy looting Click Here for Story

Knife Control?

London Mayor Sadiq Khan enacts ‘knife control’ policies to crack down on stabbing epidemicLondon Mayor looks to start knife control rules in London ? Click Here for Details

Russia Warns of Consequences of Attack on Syria

Denies Syrian involvement in chemical attacks Click Here for Story

More Facebook Censoring

DACASocial media cracking down on conservatives Click Here for Details

Did They Ever Really Stop?

Iran threatens to resume Nuke program but did they ever really stop since there was no checking of military sites? Click Here for Story

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Monday April 9, 2018

For Real?

North Korea really ready to discuss nukes with US? Click Here for Story

City Socks Homeowner With $150 Fine For Using Airbnb

 A St. Clair Shores man was issued a citation and fined $150 by a district court after he hosted guests via the homesharing website Airbnb in the spring of 2017. … more

Soros Outrage

Billionaire George Soros received millions in US taxpayer dollars to fund his progressive agendasUS taxpayers funding George Soros anti-American agenda Click Here for Details

Will Senate Do Its Job?

Latest Trump nominees could face big hurdles Click Here for Details

Did We Wait Too Long

Is 8 years of military cuts to blame for rash of military accidents? Click Here for Story

Facebook Discrimination

Diamond and SilkFacebook limits Conservative Duo’s page Click Here for Details

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Sunday April 8, 2018

GOP Planning Major Votes

Welfare reform, more tax reform and balancing budget Click Here for Story

The Steel Industry, Not Taxpayers, Should Pay for New Soo Lock

 The new tariffs on imported steel imposed by the Trump administration have been roundly criticized by economists and major steel-consuming industries.  … more

Parkland Victim Has Words for Sheriff

Hero Parkland student shot 5 times protecting classmates. See his damning message for Scott Israel.Hero student asks why criminal students not arrested? Click Here for Details

Not Kidding

South Carolina legislators mull secession language if Feds try gun confiscation Click Here for Details

Impeach Rosenstein

Rep Meadows tired of FBI and DOJ obstruction Click Here for Details and Video

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