Sunday January 7, 2018

Does the Pentagon Know What It Spends

New Secretary of Defense is auditing the Pentagon Click Here for Story

Overreach in Manchester?

Township wants to stop a vacation home from being rented out Click Here for Details

Detroit Public Schools Super Responds To ‘Charter Students Outperform’ Report

 Dr. Nikolai Vitti, superintendent, Detroit Public Schools Community District, responded to a story that reported charter students outperform traditional public school peers. … more

A New Twist in Iranian Protests

Report: Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrested for inciting unrest Former Iranian President arrested in conjunction with riots Click Here for Story

About Time?

Trump steps up threats to foreign aid President and cutting foreign aid Click Here for Details

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

Is the larger flu epidemic this year to due to immigration? Click Here for Story

Terror in Sweden

Explosion at subway station Click Here for Details

The Cost of Mass Immigration

 Denmark considering mandatory curfews in migrant populated ghettos Click Here for Story


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