Friday January 19, 2018

Outing Hidden Facts

There will be no copies of the report handed out to House members. Instead, a copy will be made available for them to read in a secure room in the Capitol. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)When will the public know if FBI paid for and/or used phony dossier to start investigation? Click Here for Story

California Law Punishes Those Following Federal Law

New laws make it illegal for businesses to cooperate with Federal Law enforcement Click Here for Story and Video

More People Moving From Illinois To Michigan Than The Other Way

 More people are moving to Michigan from Illinois than vice versa. That’s a recent trend and a sign of Michigan’s recovery. … more

How to Help Those with a Criminal Record Find Work

 In Michigan alone, about 4 million people have some type of criminal record and 50,000 more people are convicted of a felony every year. Another 10,000 are released from prison each year back into our communities. … more

Another Campaign Promise Fulfilled: The End of Common Core

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos declares: ‘Common Core is dead’Secretary of Education says Common Core is dead Click Here for Details

Dems Put Illegals Over US Military Personnel

Shutting down the government to protect DACA hurts the military Click Here for Story

Not A Fascist

Unlike Bush and Obama Trump does respect the Constitutional limits of his office? Click Here for Opinion

The Trump Economy

Jobless claims lowest since 1973 Click Here for Story

Media Losing Its Propaganda War

Newest polls not good for the Mainstream Media claims about tax plan Click Here for Details

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