Sunday January 21, 2018

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Blood On Their Hands

Democrats complicit in deaths of Americans by illegals Click Here for Details

Bad Forensic Evidence Sends Innocents To Prison

  Julie Baumer spent five years in prison after being convicted for child abuse. Later, she was exonerated due to her lawyer’s ineffectiveness. … more

Meteor Pieces Found

Michigan’s meteor gets found …sort of Click Here for Details

Release the Memo

Congress has seen its time for the American people desrve to see it too Click Here for Story

First Cracks in Dem Unity

Rep Luis Gutierrez sees giving in to wall funding if Dreamers get protection ? Click Here for Details and Video

California Fleeing

California tax laws is chasing away the wealthy? Click Here for Story

Turkey Invades Syria?

Turkey invades Syria to hit the Kurds? Click Here for Details


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